Blum Catalogue V5 EN

595 E-SERVICES and assembly devices 〉 E-SERVICES 〉 Applications Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Product Database Work steps What support do you receive for which work steps? Marketing Concept | Planning | Quotation Design Ordering Manufacturing Delivery | Assembly After sales service Concept | Planning | Quotation The product database gives you an over view of which ar ticles are available in your market. The technical proper ties of each ar ticle are clearly laid out. This helps you when designing or planning your furniture. Design The product database also provides planning graphics and 3D CAD data for each individual ar ticle along with the technical characteristics. Features Product information Product features in detail Over view – E-SERVICES 593 Easy product search via product categories or via a free text search. In this way, you quickly receive basic information on every item. Information provided includes ar ticle numbers and identcodes, weight EAN codes and details regarding packaging and ar ticle material. All technical product features for each ar ticle are available for download as various images, graphics, drawings and 3D CAD data. Reference pages Product Database Short URL E-SERVICES and assembly devices Technical information on Blum products Technical information on Blum products. You will find all you need to know about individual Blum products in the Product Database. Download product descriptions, technical details, product drawings, CAD data and much more detailed information and edit them yourself. ▬ Overview of all the Blum items available in your market ▬ Detailed descriptions of individual products including technical features ▬ Correct data directly from the fittings manufacturer at your disposal ▬ Various product data can be directly downloaded: Images, graphics, drawings and 3D CAD data for the planning and design of Blum fittings solutions