Blum 百隆 2022-2023 产品手册和操作指南 2022-2023_zh-hant

590 E-SERVICES and assembly devices Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 E-SERVICES Drilling and insertion machines Assembly devices Templates 8 Our wide range of drilling and insertion machines are well equipped to deal with any assembly situation. Use our templates to ensure accurate assembly of our products. With the E-SERVICES from Blum we can suppor t you online, at any time and anywhere. Our services are geared directly towards your day-to-day work. But every service helps you to achieve the desired results more quickly and efficiently. Our assembly devices help to ensure the precise assembly of Blum box systems. At Blum, we want to make the assembly of our products as easy and efficient as possible because per fect motion requires precise assembly. Our E-SERVICES and assembly devices provide you with optimal suppor t in the planning and assembly of our products: due to their ease of use, high user-friendliness and high durability. In addition, our E-SERVICES are available to you at all times and free of charge. We place great value on safety – our assembly devices are tested and thus correspond to the highest safety requirements.