Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

2 5 Blum Inspirations SPACE STEP SPACE STEP is an intelligent plinth solution that creates additional storage space in t wo ways. First, the hidden step gives you access to higher levels so there’s no stopping you from implementing high cabinets with ex tra storage. Second, you can keep seldom used items in the plinth drawer. Another practical plus point is that SPACE STEP provides children with a safe plat form to stand on to reach worktops or wash basins. SPACE TOWER Most items are kept in the kitchen. You need storage space for dinner ware, cooking utensils and food. The SPACE TOWER cabinet solution comes in all heights, widths and depths so it can be adapted to individual requirements and of fers plent y of storage space. The drawers can be opened individually, providing clear visibilit y and easy access to all contents. SPACE TOWER is also suited to other living areas. SPACE TWIN This narrow cabinet turns lef tover gaps into valuable storage for spices and baking sheets. SPACE TWIN ensures things are immediately to hand and simplifies workflows if installed close to the work top and hob. Despite its narrow construction, the cabinet is stable and can even be laden with heav y bot tles. SPACE CORNER Blum even of fers a solution for awk ward corners: the SPACE CORNER cabinet comes in all heights and widths and puts corner space to optimal use. Ergonomic full ex tensions ensure that you have easy access to all items, be it cutler y or other utensils. High back panels and drawer sides increase the storage volume and prevent items from falling down the back of the cabinet. A ll we need is SPACE Well-thought-out cabinet solutions use minimal floor space and yet maximise storage and create tidy homes – especially useful in open plan living areas. Blum’s ideas make it easy to create storage in places you would never have thought of.