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42 Blum Inspirations Small living spaces that are big on comfor t: the DAVID housing scheme consists of apar tments with 355 sq. f t. (33 sq. metres) of floor space. They are fully furnished and combine top qualit y mater ials with timeless, highly functional design. Features that don’t fit into the apar tments are located in shared, co-­ living spaces: a lounge with a k itchenet te and book corner, bicycle park ing, workroom, utilit y room and outdoor areas with raised beds, a BBQ and seating area. Young and old The concept is designed for residents of all ages. Whereas students and young professionals used to be the key target group for one room flats, more and more older people are coming to appreciate the benefits of micro living. And not just in Austr ia. The dif ference lies in the additional ser vices that make these apar tments more at tractive than standard sized homes. They range from free WLAN, car and bike shar ing and cleaning ser vices to ser viced apar tments in which older residents can benefit from care ser vices. Shor t-term fad or long -term trend? The number of one-person households is projected to r ise to 44% in Germany by 2035. This is a wor ldwide trend and likely to give additional impetus to the micro living boom. The main reason for this development is that more and more people want to live in urban centres and remain flexible. Furnished apar tments with shor tterm tenancy agreements are just the job for digital nomads. Urbanisat ion and shor tage of living space Micro living has been in vogue for some years in Great Br itain and the USA. A beautiful example is Carmel Place in Manhat tan – a modular housing concept that of fers tiny units to residents of New York. The demand for af fordable dwellings has also been high in Japan’s metropolis of Tok yo for decades. Japan’s first micro apar tments were created in the Nakagin Capsule Tower which still has a futur istic air although it was built way back in 1970. Designed to the last detail Creativit y is essential if you want to pack a lot of functionalit y into a small footpr int. You have to utilise ever y inch of space to the ma x. Design, qualit y and convenience also play a ver y impor tant role. These requirements are met with made-to-measure, (ideally) floor-to- ceiling fit ted units and multi-functional furniture. DAVID’s micro apar tments in Dornbirn, Austr ia boast a well-thought- out room layout and smar t storage solutions in all living areas. Residents repor t that these features make the space feel bigger than it actually is. At the same time, this way of living inspires you to pare things down to the essentials. Less can be more in many aspects of life. Together not alone Regardless of age or stage in life: living alone does not automatically mean