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4 8 Blum Inspirations ‘Food and dr ink are not just f undamental to human surv ival. They form an essent ial par t of who we are and how we feel.’ What food trends should we look out for? People have become a lot more open to exotic tastes and foreign flavours, and thank fully, there is a greater emphasis on authenticit y, for example with Chinese dishes that are popular in the West. There’s also a trend toward hummus and muhammara from the Near East, but cauliflower and celer iac are also exper iencing a revival. More and more impor tance is being at tached to good qualit y local produce that has been sustainably grown. There’s no need for vegetar ians to nibble on a let tuce leaf any more: there is a growing range of plant based foods. The same applies to non-alcoholic dr inks. Digitalisat ion in the kitchen: blog versus cookbook – what ’s changed over the last few years? The internet is a great source of inspiration for recipes but to my mind, it can’t replace a good cook book. Holding it in my hands and browsing through the recipes is the greatest thing for me. I think it ’s the same for the younger generation. I don’t mind if the pages are stick y from rogue splashes of sauce – as long as I made them. What will the kitchen of the future look like? What requirements will it have to meet? I think it ’ll always be impor tant to have enough space to move around and large enough work tops. You also need to have enough storage and pull- outs. Make sure you have large, wide drawers that are deep enough to stash lots of items, including ugly food processors, waf fle irons and mixers. My tip is to store chopping boards and bak ing sheets upr ight in pullouts. This will keep the k itchen nice and tidy and free up your oven for bak ing. What couldn' t you do without in your own kitchen? I definitely don’t need a k itchen aid or Thermomix to cook a meal but I would miss them. To answer the question sensibly: good knives and chopping boards. In my kitchen I need less ... ... distraction In my kitchen I need more ... ... time. •