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5 9 Blum Inspirations Step 2 P L A N Z O N E S Star t the online Zone Planner which will take you through the dif ferent topics step by step: consumables, non- consumables, cleaning, preparation and cook ing. Forgot ten any thing? You can add items yourself and enter quantities in ever y step. Step 1 S P E C I F Y I T E M S What supplies, cook ing utensils, plates and cutler y do you want to store in your k itchen? Consider which storage item is the tallest (olive oil bot tle) or largest (food processor), what you want to have within reach when cook ing and where you’d like to keep your dishes so that you can quick ly lay the table. Step 3 I M P L E M E N T P L A N S With just one click you can pr int out your personal list of storage items, matching cabinet solutions and suggestions on inner dividers for drawers and pull- outs or send it to your k itchen consultant or cabinet maker. The easy way to plan your k itchen – hand in hand with your manufacturer. More information