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71 Blum Inspirations AgeExplorer® dress code But let ’s go back to the instant aging suit. The suit is used wor ldwide not only by product developers but also for ongoing education and training, e.g. in the health and care sector. The idea is to allow par ticipants to step into old age and feel what it ’s like to struggle with the simplest tasks. This will help to create a bet ter understanding for older persons and the dif ficulties they endure ever y day. ‘Af ter wear ing the AgeExplorer® for about an hour you’re absolutely exhausted and glad to get it of f again,’ repor ts Sandra Boehler. Recognising the needs of the future What are the benefits of research into requirements and users? ‘We’ve seen that needs have changed dramatically over the past ten years. People are now placing more value on practical and ergonomic solutions. Trend research is also gaining impor tance. To this end, we monitor all groups of the population, from young to old, so that we understand what products and ser vices will be needed in the future. Demographic changes indicate areas where the greatest suppor t will be needed – key word Ambient Assisted Living. Height adjustable cabinets, SPACE STEP and SERVO -DRIVE will play an impor tant role in this contex t.’ • I N F O The AgeExplorer® age simulation suit is a trademark of the Meyer-Hentschel Institute, which is one of the pioneers of instant aging. It was first presented in 1994 and has been used by Julius Blum GmbH to monitor products and their use in practice since 2005.