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8 4 Blum Inspirations providing in- depth information on the Blum products and E-Ser vices used, e.g. the Zone Planner, Product and Cabinet Configurator, planning documentation for downloading and information on the nearest showroom, so there is something for ever y interest. • It ’s ver y impor tant to us at Blum to understand our customers’ needs and wishes and share insights and application ideas with our par tners. This dialogue is a key dr iver in the development of new products and ser vices. And blum-inspirations. com is an ideal plat form for the digital exchange of information. Vir tual insights worldwide Application videos, homes stor ies and exper ience repor ts from all over the wor ld provide home enthusiasts with concrete examples of how Blum products can be used in dif ferent living areas. How can I ma ximise the storage space available? What innovative storage solutions can I implement with Blum’s help? What k inds of tips and tr icks can planning and inter ior design professionals give me? What ’s more, manufacturers such as furniture builders and cabinet makers can get additional information on technical specifications and suppor ting ser vices. Focus on funct ionalit y and convenience The journey through the international wor ld of home inter iors on blum-inspirations.com is not just about design. There are also ar ticles on dynamic living spaces and functional aspects such as how to improve work flow and ergonomics. Our contr ibutions to these topics stem from intensive research into markets and requirements. But that is not all. You might also want to check out other interesting topics such as the AgeExplorer® and k itchen obser vations. Inspirat ion is ever y where From concept to implementation, blum-inspirations.com covers all living areas: k itchens, bathrooms, entrance halls, living rooms, bedrooms and naturally home of fices. No mat ter where you need clever and ingenious storage space ideas, Blum will have a solution. Hand in hand blum-inspirations.com presents ideas from the analogue wor ld of living spaces in a visually appealing digital format. Manufacturers learn more about the needs and lifest yle of their customers, and end users get an insight into the wor ld of professionals and furniture makers. The scope of the ar ticles is wide, Dig ital inspiration Practical experiences, trends and innovations pave the way for new solutions. We present our ideas and innovations to manufacturers and end users on our online plat form blum-inspirations.com. Find fresh inspiration at the click of your mouse.