Blum Vietnam - Price list 2024-2025

37 The above prices are officially suggested by Blum Vietnam Co., Ltd and do not include VAT, currency unit is VND. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Mã Blum | Blum Article Mã đặt hàng | Order Number Diễn giải | Description ĐVT | Qty Giá chưa VAT Price w/o VAT 295F5700 5459007 Khóa kệ kéo cho TANDEM Pull-out shelf lock for TANDEM 1 bộ | set 458.000 ZST.1160W 5075934 Thanh đồng bộ, dài 1.160mm, cắt theo kích thước | Synchronisation linkage, lenght 1,160 mm, cut-to-size 1 thanh | pc 175.000 Khóa kệ kéo | Pull-out shelf lock Tổng | Total: 633.000 Dùng cho ray TANDEM | For TANDEM Khóa kệ kéo | Pull-out shelf lock