Blum Sustainability Report 2022

13 A crucial component of our sustainabilit y effor ts is our environmental and energy policy. Proactive measures to protect the environment and save energy take priorit y within our value chain. We finance the investments needed to make processes more efficient and improve our technical infrastructure. And we also minimise our land use as far as possible by implementing intelligent building and warehousing concepts. Our environmental and energy policy is our mandate and commitment to continually evaluating and reducing the effects of our business operations on the environment and our consumption of natural resources. The four pillars of our environmental and energy policy are as follows : Par tners We want our products to provide long - term value and benefits for our par tners, customers and the people who use our furniture. We aim to work directly with these stakeholders to identif y and implement measures for the ongoing protection of the environment and resource conser vation that work for all par ties. Innovation Our innovations are inspired directly by the requirements of our customers. This applies not only to our products, but also our ser vices and processes. We play an active role in protecting our environment by working hard to develop high qualit y products that are built to last and, where possible, that are fully recyclable. Continuous improvement We are driven by our passion to continuously optimise our existing products, ser vices and processes, and challenge limitations. When we design, optimise and implement any of our processes, we make sure we use natural resources as ef ficiently as possible and keep our environmental impact as low as possible. Employees The success of our company is largely dependent on our employees’ identification with the company and their readiness to per form. All employees can and should make their own individual contributions to achieving our environmental and energy goals – both at work and also during their commute, for example by being selective about their means of transpor t. Our environmental and energy policy