Blum Sustainability Report 2022

18 Climate protection and emissions As a co-initiator and founding member of the Vorarlberg Climate Neutralit y Alliance 2025, Blum has commit ted to reducing and offset ting its CO2 emissions. The network – now known as “ turn to zero” – suppor ts companies with advice and assistance in calculating their greenhouse gas emissions. Our carbon footprint is calculated based on three different sources of greenhouse gas emissions known as scopes 1–3. These comprise : Management approaches Emissions caused directly by our company from on- site combustion sources e.g. boilers, our own fleet of vehicles, and production. Indirect greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our company ’s energy supply. Emissions from business -related activities, such as waste disposal, recycling, business trips or commuting by employees. Since 2022, all emissions from the Vorarlberg site have been 100 % offset. In 2022, the price was set at EUR 30 per tonne of CO2 emit ted. This amount corresponds to the CO2 pricing structure stipulated by Austrian legislation and is based on the offset ting costs outlined within German legislation. • 100 % of electricit y in Vorarlberg generated by hydropower ( green electricit y, since 2018 ) • 95 % of ventilation systems equipped with heat recover y • Plan to completely phase out fossil fuels by 2030 • District heating • Ground water cooling • Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems • High standards of construction and good building insulation • Use of new machiner y and systems to minimise energy consumption and emissions • Continuous increase in the use of waste heat from pressurised air systems in production • Ongoing reduction of production waste • Installation of LED lighting systems • Existing green spaces optimised from ecological perspective • Green roofs on new buildings Our contribution to climate protection : However, our primar y goal is to prevent emissions before they even occur and to reduce our emissions to the greatest possible extent. Only then do we plan to use voluntar y financial offset ting schemes for any remaining unavoidable emissions, in order to achieve the United Nations’ 1.5°C target. Scope 1 305–1 Scope 2 305–2 Scope 3 305–3