Blum Sustainability Report 2022

19 On the hunt for big savings It would be impossible to leave no ecological footprint whatsoever. However, as a manufacturing company, sustainabilit y means taking responsibilit y for the impact we do have. That ’s why we are working to consistently reduce our carbon emissions, one step at a time. Our Vorarlberg site has been climate -neutral since 2022. It addition to tackling the big headline items such as electricit y, waste heat and building insulation, we also have our eyes on several smaller troublemakers that we aren’ t allowing to slip through the net. Philipp Ghesla, Industrial Electrician, plant 4 Switching from conventional lasers to new diode lasers has a similar effect to switching from light bulbs to LED lights in private homes. For us, this switch amounts to a saving of 3 GWh – that’s enough to supply 680 detached family homes with electricity. Pascal Fit z, Sustainabilit y Management Hydropower is one of the most efficient forms of energy generation because up to 90 percent of the water energy is converted into electrical energy. In Europe, water flows downstream no matter what the time of day or weather. So it’s also a constant and reliable power supply. Since 2018, we have been using 100 % hydroelectric power in all our plants.