Blum Sustainability Report 2022

20 Bregenz Ground water cooling in plant 4 The favourable conditions at plant 4 have made it possible to set up an internal, closed-circuit groundwater cooling system for our production facilities and rooms. This system does not impact either the qualit y or the quantit y of the ground water. Gaissau Harnessing solar power for hot water The water used for the coating process at plant 6 is heated by 457 m2 of high-per formance solar collectors, which use sunlight to heat water in an environmentally - friendly way. Höchst Electricit y for the e -fleet Together, the photovoltaic systems at our t wo plants in Höchst and one in Bregenz cover a total sur face area of around 2000 m2. These systems have a total output of 300 kWp, which provides electricit y for various uses including the company ’s fleet of electric vehicles. China Up on the roof Our largest photovoltaic system can be found in China and covers an area of 8240 m2 – the equivalent of 660 car parking spaces. The system output amounts to 1400 kWp. Dornbirn Out with gas – in with district heating Plants 7 and 8 in Dornbirn are connected to the local district heating net - work. This means that gas is no longer required for heating in these plants. The gas boilers have been kept in situ for emergency heating. Any excess heat is fed back into the grid – thus reducing our cooling costs. Annual savings from ground water cooling 20,000 m3 of water Vorarlberg Hurray for hydropower! Compared to using the local supplier ’s standard electricit y generation mix, we have saved around 34,600 tonnes of CO2 since 2018 by using 100 % hydropower from Austrian hydroelectric power plants. That equates to: Vienna 59,000 kWh of electricit y Climate protection and emissions 26.800 x NYC