Blum - Moving Ideas for Sustainability

28 Climate-friendly makeover for the company fleet Fleet headed for carbon neutrality Fleet manager Michael Golob first began researching hydrogen-powered and electric trucks back in 2016. The problem was that the nearest suitable filling station for hydrogen is in Innsbruck, around 200 kilometres away, and our 24-hour operation poses major challenges for electric charging. Another solution had to be found. That is why, at the start of 2020, we purchased our first fleet of gas-powered trucks for transporting semi- and finished products between our plants in Vorarlberg. The range of the new trucks is around 500 kilometres, compared to 2000 kilometres for diesel trucks. As there are very few suitable biogas filling stations for trucks in the region, Blum built its own filling station at plant 7, which every fleet truck now visits several times a day. Gas trucks have particularly low-maintenance engines, run smoothly and produce less noise and fine dust than their diesel counterparts. So they’re not only good for the environment, but also our neighbours! shuttles run between the 8 plants in Vorarlberg of the 19 shuttles are powered with biogas Energy 19 9