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35 Sustainable transport routes from Austria to the rest of world: how our logistics teams are working day in, day out to reduce our ecological footprint. Blum fittings usually have to travel long distances before they can do their job of providing maximum convenience in furniture worldwide. Every year, several thousand transport units travel from Vorarlberg to 125 countries around the globe. We make these journeys as climate-friendly as possible by using trains, trucks and ships – and usually a combination of more than one. Whether a delivery is transported purely by road of rails hinges on several factors such as the rail infrastructure, the destination, the goods and the customer’s preference. The transport logistics team has been shipping our fittings via the greener rail route for many years. In fact, some freight makes the majority of its journey to places like Türkiye or China by train, and 90 % of sea containers reach the major European ports of Rotterdam, Hamburg and Trieste by rail. These containers are loaded in our logistics centre in Dornbirn and transported to the Blum railway shuttle with the help of a huge forklift. They are then delivered to the terminal in Wolfurt via the direct rail connection and, from there, export trains transport our goods to customers and the ports using environmentally-friendly international rail networks. Blum currently saves more than 69 tonnes of CO 2 emissions through rail transport (one-way). Working in collaboration with the freight transport company Rail Cargo from the Austrian railway network, we have set ourselves two goals. The first is to increase our proportion of rail transport to 50 % in the next few years, and the second is to massively reduce the distances travelled on European roads. Every year we already transport 5300 containers by rail instead of by road. Our fittings love a good train journey Where road transport is currently the only viable option, we use Euro 6 trucks with double-deck loading to ensure the most efficient use of the trucks’ capacity. In addition, once the deliveries are complete, we use a sophisticated round-trip concept for the return journey, which sees us working together with our shipping partners to arrange for other goods to be transported on the way back to eliminate empty trips. After all, treating our environment with care and respect is firmly anchored in the ethos of our family company. Ingmar Blum, Head of Transport Logistics Our main focus is very clearly on rail transport. Thanks to our own siding at plant 7 in Dornbirn, we were able to transport almost 37 % of our deliveries by rail in the 2021/2022 business year.