Blum Sustainability Report 2022

42 Management approaches Product sustainabilit y Innovation, qualit y standards and optimisation are our top priorities for the use of all resources. This approach extends from our products and manufacturing processes to our resource handling and ef for ts to introduce closed loop systems. At the product development stage, we lay the foundation for the ef ficient use of raw materials. The entire product life cycle – from procurement to the most complete recycling option available – is analysed to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible. Products are also subject to specific energy and environmental requirements right from the project development phase. Transparent records are kept to document the specific objectives, any deviations and the results. Waste management 306–1 We are aware that, as a large company, we contribute to the waste problem. However, compared to a small business, we also have more oppor tunities to address this challenge efficiently. Our waste management system is based on the waste pyramid. In addition to shor t transpor t routes, we also at tach par ticular impor tance to the recover y of any reusable materials. We promote material recycling by constantly evaluating our waste streams and separat - ing them according to t ype. Resource conser vation is complex – the aim being to strike the balance between using as much as is necessar y, but as lit tle as possible. Where can small tweaks be made to make things even more ef ficient and protect nature as much as possible? From the development and creation to the disposal of our products, we endeavour to protect the precious resources provided by our planet . In plant 8, we use silos to automatically sort and collect the scrap. Prevention Quantit y Priorit y Recycling Recover y Disposal Reuse Resources