Blum Sustainability Report 2022

43 We need zinc to manufacture cer tain components for our products. The production of primar y zinc uses a lot of energy and CO2, so we take great care to use this material efficiently. The zinc sprues produced during the die -casting process are fed directly back into the machine or sent to our in-house remelting furnace ready to be processed into new raw material. On average, 85 % of the waste material is put back into the system in this way. Around 30 of our 31 systems have the capacit y to separate sprues from the par ts and automatically remelt them. In addition to preser ving the raw material, this internal recycling process has the climate - friendly advantage that the zinc waste does not have to be transpor ted elsewhere and instead is quickly available for reuse. Ever y year about 70 tonnes of zinc are so contaminated that we cannot recycle them. This corresponds to less than 1 % of our total consumption. This residual material is sent to our recycling par tner who, according to their own data, reprocesses 98 % of it back into valuable zinc under the highest Closed-loop system for zinc in our plants 306–2 environmental standards. As a general rule, we purchase zinc with a relative recycling content of 34 %. Since our recycling par tner is also our supplier for the raw material, we can be proud that our zinc is par t of a sustainable closed-loop system. of zinc sprues are reintroduced into the process (on average) 85 %