Blum - Moving Ideas for Sustainability

45 Change in water usage Our water consumption is determined mainly by the base load of the infrastruc- ture. The decline in WIJA 2020/21 may have also been influenced by the poor summer weather, which was unusually cold. Another factor is the reduction in sanitary wastewater due to lockdowns, shorter working hours and employees working from home. With the resumption of normal operations post-pandemic, the water usage has increased again. Overview of the use of recycled materials 301–2, 301–3 For us, the most effective way to conserve resources is to use recycled materials. This applies to both our products and packaging materials. Steel: the king of recyclables 301–2 By far the most used raw material at Blum is strip steel. Steel can be com- pletely reprocessed without any loss of quality – and as often as you like. That is why steel is also the most recycled material in the world, and a great option for saving on raw materials and energy. Aluminium Wood Packaging Zinc Steel Percentage of raw material recycled These are representative average values from our suppliers and reflect the proportion of materials recycled across our entire product portfolio. 63% 100% FSC 97% FSC 34% 24% 2017/18 2019/20 2016/17 2018/19 2020/21 120.000 60.000 121.437 130.290 134.920 140.022 138.009 30.000 90.000 150.000 180.000 0 [m 3 ] 2021/22 155.369