Blum Sustainability Report 2022

3 Who believes they can save the world alone? It’s an impossible task on our own, but each and every one of us can play our part – no matter how small or large. Companies have a particular responsibility in this regard, as their business activities have a significant impact on people, the economy and the environment. We at Blum take this sense of duty very seriously and it is an integral part of our corporate strategy. Recognising and addressing our responsibilities is challenging, but we have been doing it resolutely for many years now. We are always developing concrete strategies and we align our actions with the United Nations’ 17 objectives for sustainable development. This is how we are making an active contribution to achieving the 1.5°C target. Yes, it’s a big challenge, but we believe it is absolutely essential. In this 80-page report, we aim to demonstrate the many ideas and improve - ments we are implementing here at Blum – some large, some small – to ensure that we are making our contribution to a better future. moving ideas for sustainabilit y