Blum Sustainability Report 2022

53 Operational environmental and energy goals in the area of biodiversit y Additional measures 304–1 • Investigating the connection bet ween our sites and protected areas • Upgrading retention areas that contribute to flood protection during concept development phase • Considering and planning for biotope areas in the case of new builds • Cooperating with regional net works on biodiversit y issues • Establishing standards for the Vorarlberg area Ongoing ecological improvement of existing green spaces • Conver ting lawns into biodiversit y areas • Planting a mix of native fast and slow - growing trees • Planting bushes and shrubs t ypical for the location to provide shelter and nesting places for animals • Creating food supplies with suitable planting • Connecting green spaces to existing green zones to create corridors for animals • Training employees to look af ter these areas • Adjusting outdoor lighting for greater efficiency Creation of offset ting areas • Creating green roofs • Checking the viabilit y of green façades • Removing concrete sur faces from car parks • Narrowing and removing concrete sur faces from existing paths where possible