Blum Sustainability Report 2022

61 Blum gets furniture moving – and its employees too! With the aim of encour- aging sustainable behaviour, we asked ourselves how we might create a long - term transition away from the car and towards alternative means of transpor t. And how we might combat our natural temptations and overreliance on the convenience of our own vehicles. With the “Ecopoints” sof t ware developed by a team in Vorarlberg, employees can now easily record their daily journey to work. Whether using public transpor t, walking or cycling, employees can use the app to compare their points each day and see how much CO2 has been saved, so that they feel motivated to keep up their good habits. This also applies to those commuting by E V or carpooling. Since Januar y 2022, any “Ecopoints” collected in the employee app can be redeemed with par tner organisations of fering local wellbeing or other relevant products, ser vices and projects. Par tners for the scheme include spor ts retailers, organic food shops and fair trade clothing stores, and there is also the option to donate to cer tain communit y organisations. Calculated over the whole year, employees can earn up to EUR 180, which they can exchange for at tractive vouchers or reinvest into sustainable causes. The initiative not only reduces the volume of traf fic, but also frees up parking spaces, prevents emissions and helps keep people healthy. On the one hand, the Ecopoints system aims to incentivise those who have not yet switched to a climate - friendly option and, on the other hand, it should ser ve as a sign of appreciation to all employees who have already taken this step. Get collecting! Somewhat aptly, the mobilit y team never stands still. Together with a team of Vorarlberg programmers, they have gone on to develop a bonus system for environmentally - friendly commuting.