Blum Sustainability Report 2022

66 Employee health 403–3, 403–6 The health of our employees is a ver y impor tant issue for us as an employer, and one that we take ver y seriously. In addition to providing the statutor y occupational health ser vices, we have developed a pool of measures to keep our employees healthy and fit for work. One of the most impor tant in protecting the well-being of our employees is our employee ser vice – an internal point of contact for questions relating to work, health and family. For example, the employee ser vice provides active assistance in acute emergency situations, advises on preventive action to promote bet ter physical and mental health, and also assists employees with returning to work af ter a period of leave, as well as their transition to retirement. We also invest in ergonomic workplace design including height- adjustable desks and lif ting aids. Onboarding A successful star t is our first oppor tunit y to demonstrate what an at tractive employer we are. Once the application process has been completed, we stay in contact with future employees and invite them to company events, in order to keep their motivation high. We also have a buddy system in place, whereby new employees are assigned a professional mentor – a member of staf f who is available to provide advice and suppor t during their first few weeks. Not only does this relieve pressure from the employee’s manager, but it also provides an informal oppor tunit y to address issues that may not be directly related to work per formance. We find this approach helps newcomers to quickly establish a proactive approach to work. Occupational safet y 403–1, 403–2, 403–4, 403–5, 403–7 The management standard ISO 45001 provides us with guidance beyond the scope of applicable legal requirements. Since occupational safet y af fects our employees directly, we place a special focus on it. We maintain a database in which we record not only accidents at work, but also dangerous situations that almost led to an accident, which allows us to identif y safet y gaps and risks at an early stage and put measures in place to counteract them. In addition, potential ha zards are continuously analysed through workplace evaluations and appropriate steps taken, even where accidents have not occurred. This includes physical and psychological risks, such as ha zards arising from transpor t or potential cut ting injuries. Each area of responsibilit y has its own set of safet y instructions for new star ters, as well as regular refresher training and ad hoc training as required. In addition to protecting employees, fire prevention and plant securit y measures are also impor tant. Checks and tests are carried out to ensure that conditions are always being improved for the future. These measures are suppor ted by the 72 securit y of ficers currently deployed across our Austrian sites. Internal training In order to ensure the success of our group in the long term, we need both strong managers and exper t specialists with a ver y unique set of skills. We promote both of these groups, with equal oppor tunities for professional and personal de - velopment and suppor t through internal training courses. It is impor tant to us that our employees can focus on their strengths and are given appropriate tasks. Any discussion about working for Blum necessarily includes the areas of occupational safet y, employee health, apprenticeship training and employees’ professional development . Management approaches Learning at Blum The benefits of learning on the job are of ten underestimated, although this approach has a much greater impact than learning in a classroom environment, That ’s why our mot to is: “I learn as I work and I work as I learn.” Working and learning simultaneously makes sense and is enjoyable if employees take on responsibilit y and engage in dialogue with colleagues. It also creates opportunities for employees to explore their strengths and weaknesses, and fosters a passion for personal development. In addition to on- site discus - sions in the workplace, internal communication is also suppor ted through digital channels. Working for Blum