Blum Sustainability Report 2022

67 Ever y employee is responsible for fulfilling their duties and for managing their own development. Employees should seek suppor t from managers and fellow colleagues by maintaining effective, open dialogue. This transparency helps to foster understanding among all those involved. In addition to discussions with employees and colleagues, this mechanism offers the oppor tu- nit y to ensure clarit y and transparency, especially in day - to-day activities. This helps to enhance employees’ self - awareness, identif y possible development steps, and clear up any misunderstandings as soon as they occur. When it comes to the development of individuals, teams or an entire organisation, the first thing we do is work together to look at the tasks at hand. Operational requirements and personal needs are aligned and the impact on teamwork is dis - cussed. We always keep the company framework in mind. The framed triangle also forms the basis for our common understanding of per formance. In our large net work, we all take on different tasks and roles ever y day, be it management, technical exper tise, content creation, leadership or liaison. To ensure overall success, manage - ment tasks are distributed across multiple individuals, decisions are made by different exper ts and responsibilities are shared. To per form tasks as well as possible, employees must have the right abilities for the specified requirements. This “state of flow ” is the best prerequisite for successful and fulfilling development – both in professional and private life. Continuous development along the Blum Path is essential for ever y employee, team and for the company as whole. Our approach begins right from the ver y first communication – before the prospective employee even begins work – and continues even af ter they have lef t the company. We offer the right suppor t at all stages of our working relationship, as well as for the wide range of needs that come with different phases of life. The Blum Path : our organisational and staff development strategy The all-round development of our employees and company is our top priorit y at Blum. The Blum Path unites us all in achieving our development goals. In this, we are guided by six principles : Skills Flow Requirements Task Team Person Company Feedforward Feedback Teamwork focused on skills Development phases Dialogue Autonomy Transparency