Blum Sustainability Report 2022

68 Working for Blum Leadership at Blum We also have a hierarchy here at Blum. This is the structure of our organisation and it forms the backbone of our corporate functions and formal management structure. We work in dynamic net works in line with the resources and competencies of our employees. Employees can take on dif ferent roles in dif ferent teams and thus make targeted use of their specialist skills and knowledge. Ever yone in a leadership role is expected to breathe life into our company culture, strengthening it and actively helping to shape it. The plus connects the t ypes of network Hierarchical organisation Skills - focused organisation Dynamic networks BUILDING BRIDGES SELF - MANAGEMENT SELF - REFLECTION COMMITMENT OVERVIEW INTERPERSONAL SKILLS SPECIALIST TASKS SHAPING COMPANY CULTURE OPENNESS VISION TRENDS FUTURE TRUSTING IN YOURSELF AND OTHERS KEY STRENGTHS CL ARIT Y