Blum Sustainability Report 2022

69 Blum has been training apprentices for more than 50 years. The content of the training is continuously adapted as circumstances change and new scientific findings emerge. For example, Blum has expanded the basic knowledge training to include environmental and energy topics, and integrated “ TIMEout ” as a fixed component in the first year of training. With “ TIMEout ”, apprentices are given one - and- a-half paid hours per week to do spor ts together or take par t in games and exercises to improve group dynamics. This way, our apprentices learn from day one what it really means to be par t of a team. Our goal is to of fer ever yone a permanent position af ter they have successfully completed their apprenticeship. Another impor tant pillar of our apprentice programme is the youth council, which acts as a contact point for apprentices and intermediar y bet ween the young people and their trainers. The council is elected ever y t wo years and consists of representatives of the same age. They organise excursions and Comprehensive apprenticeship training Ten apprenticeships – one goal : to nur ture the best specialists for our future! In 1972, Blum star ted training apprentices and designed a successful model that received a great deal of international at tention. Almost 400 of our 7000 employ - ees at Blum Austria are apprentices. This means that 6 % of our employees are apprentices, which is something we are ver y proud of as a training organisation. team-building events, and actively help to shape the training. For example, the council developed a set of guidelines for regular appraisal discussions bet ween apprentices and trainers, which has now been implemented. The council also has an open ear for its fellow apprentices when problems arise at college. In cooperation with the ‘Bundesgymnasium’ secondar y school in Dornbirn, our apprentices also help implement projects for the FIRST LEGO League ( FLL) . The FLL is a worldwide educational programme that provides children and young people with access to science and technology. While the research and design are in the hands of the students, they are suppor ted in the engineering and manufacturing stages by Blum apprentices and trainers. For three consecutive years, the team has come first in Vorarlberg, meaning they go through to compete in the Austrian elimination round. Number of apprentices and employees employed by Blum Austria each September since 1970 Apprentices in September Employees in September Propor tion : 6 % Xenia Danner, 3rd year of training as a design engineer What I like about the apprenticeship at Blum is that the trainers are very helpful and we can ask questions at any time. Even as young professionals, we are taken seriously and actively participate in projects and production. 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 400 450 6500 7500 350 6000 7000 300 5500 5000 250 4500 200 4000 3500 3000 150 2500 2000 50 1000 500 100 1500 0 0