Blum Sustainability Report 2022

77 Blum employee ser vice : internal point of contact for help and support 403–4, 403–6 • Dealing with stress, anxiet y, panic at tacks • Burnout, boreout, depression • Grief • Absences due to illness • Suicidal thoughts • Over- or under-challenged • New career direction • Conflicts in the workplace • Quiet quit ting • Returning to work af ter a long period of sick leave • Entering retirement • Pregnancy and childbir th • Childcare • Parenting • Illness or caring for relatives • Relationship problems, separation, divorce The Blum employee ser vice team can be reached via an internal telephone number and email address. First and foremost, ever y employee is responsible for their own life, their own health and their own development. However, we all come across situations where we need help and suppor t, such as: Health Profession Family Excerpt from the guideline on the employee ser vice We support our employees in navigating difficult life and everyday situations. Any concerns will, of course, be treated with the utmost confidentiality. If necessary, we will also draw on our network of responsible bodies both inside and outside the company. To inter vene and provide stabilit y in crisis situations To provide suppor t during difficult and stressful life and work situations To assist with returning af ter a period of leave from work (e.g. phased returns) To promote preventive action to maintain health and fitness for work Goals of the employee ser vice