Blum Sustainability Report 2022

6 The United Nations have defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . These goals have been the foundation of the international organisation’s activities since 2015, and comprise social, ecological and economic targets to transform our world. Focal areas include equalit y for women, improving global healthcare and curbing the progression of climate change. Like many other companies, we at Blum align ourselves with these goals on a voluntar y basis as par t of our commitment to global sustainable development . Our aim is to focus on those SDGs that fall within our sphere of influence as a manufacturer and distributor of furniture fit tings, and the possibilities allowed by the scope of our b u s i n e s s o p e r a t i o n s . We u s e a ma t e r i a l i t y a n a l y s i s t o i d e n t i f y t h e s e oppor tunities for improvement . Repor ting standards In preparation for the European Union’s mandator y Corporate Sustainabilit y Repor ting Directive (CSRD) , we are set ting out the measures we have implemented to date as par t of our commitment to sustainabilit y. “Sustainabilit y at Blum 2022” is not fully aligned with the legal requirements, but does already apply the international SDG and GRI standards, which are described in more detail below : Sustainable Development Goals