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78 Water-based cleaning Plants upgraded with solvent-free BIO-CIRCLE wash- stands The use of hazardous substances is unavoidable in our day-to-day work. It is therefore important that our employees are protected when working with these materials. One way we achieve this is through the necessary protec- tive clothing. Another is by reducing the amount of substances used to the absolute minimum. However, the most effective protective measure is to substitute the hazardous substances altogether. In other words, to replace them with a less dangerous or harmless alternative. This is exactly what is currently happening with the washstands in our plants. Older models use flammable solvents which can be hazardous to health. These have now been replaced with high-performance BIO-CIRCLE washstands throughout plant 4. The cleaning equipment from BIO-CIRCLE primarily uses water and is therefore completely safe to use. Nevertheless, in tests the washstands produce almost the same results as solvent-based cleaners. So there is no reason not to swap! Overall employee numbers Working for Blum of employees covered by the collective agreement. 2–7 female employees male employees Number of employees at Blum Austria 2–7 Female Male Full-time 672 5870 Part-time 232 206 100% 904 6076