Blum Sustainability Report 2022

7 The Global Repor ting Initiative (GRI ) aims to establish a set of worldwide standards for sustainabilit y repor ting. In fact , the principles and guidelines of the GRI have already become well-established as a means of qualit y control for sustainabilit y repor ts. Austrian legislation specifically recommends the use of the GRI Sustainabilit y Repor ting Guidelines for corporate sustainabilit y repor ts. This ensures that our sustainabilit y measures are directly comparable with international standards, thus increasing their validit y. One such measure recommended by the GRI is a “materialit y analysis”. We use this method to determine the relevant fields of action to be addressed by Blum and our stakeholders. These focus areas are embedded in the SDGs and are covered in more detail in the following seven chapters : Climate protection and emissions, Energy, Transpor t and packaging, Resources, Biodiversit y and the designing of outdoor spaces, Mobilit y, and Working at Blum. Global Repor ting Initiative