Blum Catalogue V5 EN

493 Runner systems 〉 SERVO-DRIVE for MOVENTO | TANDEM 〉 Overview Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Runner systems Over view – runner systems 415 MOVENTO 416 TANDEM 446 Applications Standard cabinet 494 Sink cabinet 500 Two drawers with a continuous front 504 Cabinet with dif ferent drawer depths | inner drawer 508 Cabinet with individual drawer 514 Cabinet with inset fronts 518 SERVO-DRIVE uno for bot tom mount waste bin solutions 522 Accessories Cable holder 524 Synchronisation cable 524 COMBOX set 524 Assembly, removal and adjustment Machine directive 701 Pictograph Item available on request Symbolic image Symbolic image Symbolic image Symbolic image Assembly, removal and adjustment Short URL Detailed information on the Machine Directive Short URL Runner systems