Blum Catalogue V5 EN

494 Runner systems 〉 SERVO-DRIVE for MOVENTO | TANDEM 〉 Applications Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Standard cabinet Cabling Order information Language package – operating and installation instructions A DE | EN | FR | IT | NL F BG | ET | LT | LV | RO | RU B DA | EN | FI | NO | SV G EN | ES | FR C EL | EN | HR | SL | SR | TR H EN | ZH D EN | ES | FR | IT | PT J JA E CS | HU | PL | SK Language descriptions as per ISO-639 1a Blum distance bumper Diameter (mm) Part no. 5 993.0530 8 993.0830.01 Up to front height FH 300 mm use 2 pcs. Front height FH 300 mm and higher use 4 pcs. 2 Bracket profile Length (mm) Material Cable Part no. 650 Aluminium ● Z10T650AA 700 Aluminium ● Z10T700AA 710 Aluminium ● Z10T710AA 750 Aluminium ● Z10T750AA 800 Aluminium ● Z10T800AA 1170 Aluminium – Z10T1170A For cut ting to size ● With cable – Without cable Cutting Internal cabinet height LH – 10 mm 3a Bracket profile attachment top/bottom Cross bar construction horizontal Colour Material Part no. R7037 Nylon Z10D01E0.01 Alternative to 3a 3b Bracket profile attachment lower/back Cross bar construction vertical Colour Material Part no. R7037 Nylon Z10D01EA.01 Incl. bracket profile cover cap 9 Drive unit Colour Material Part no. R7037 Nylon Z10A3000.03 Includes pre-assembled lever extension 11 SERVO -DRIVE distribution cable and cable end protector Colour Length (m) Part no. S 8 Z10K800AE Consisting of: 11a 1 x SERVO-DRIVE distribution cable 11b 5 x Cable end protector For cut ting to size Can be used as a distribution, bracket profile and communications cable 12 Connecting node and cable end protector Colour Material Part no. S Nylon Z10V100E.01 Consisting of: 12a 1 x Connecting node 11b 2 x Cable end protector 13 24 W SERVO -DRIVE power supply unit Language package Part no. Language package Part no. A Z10NE030A F Z10NE030F B Z10NE030B G Z10NE030G C Z10NE030C H Z10NE030H D Z10NE030D J Z10NE030J E Z10NE030E Incl. operating and installation instructions Without flex 14 Flex Market Part no. Market Part no. AR Z10M200A JP Z10M200J UK Z10M200B AU Z10M200K CH Z10M200C CL Z10M200L DK Z10M200D CN Z10M200N Europe Z10M200E BR Z10M200S.01 Europe ¹ Z10M200E.OS TW Z10M200T IN Z10M200H US | CA Z10M200U IL Z10M200I ZA Z10M200Z Length 2 m, incl. plug ¹ Without plug Runner systems No fixed connection to the drive system. ▬ Electrical opening suppor t system in conjunction with BLUMOTION – for sof t and ef for tless closing action ▬ With ver tical bracket profile ▬ No fixed connection to the drive system ▬ Pull-outs can be used unchanged ▬ Tool-free assembly ▬ Simple cabling ▬ Shallow installation depth