Blum Blum 카탈로그 및 기술 설명서 2022-2023_ko

174 Hinge systems 〉 MODUL – hinges Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Slide-on hinge system Refrigerator/Appliance hinge for facade doors ▬ The 3-dimensional adjustment feature is easily accessible when attached to the refrigerator ▬ The front can be easily removed from the refrigerator ▬ Front thicknesses FD of up to 30 mm are possible ▬ The refrigerator can be positioned inside the cabinet even when the front is attached Blind corner hinge ▬ For an inset blind corner construction ▬ Inner blind corner width 28 mm and higher ▬ With integrated BLUMOTION Hinge systems Simple “slide-on” door to cabinet assembly. This economical hinge system provides the right solution for many different applications. The system’s combined slide-on and screw-fix feature has proven itself over the years. ▬ Simple and easy slide-on assembly ▬ Simple 3-way adjustment for per fect gap alignment ▬ Integrated pull-out stop