Blum Blum 카탈로그 및 기술 설명서 2022-2023_ko

175 Hinge systems 〉 MODUL – hinges 〉 Overview Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Hinge systems Over view – hinge systems 69 CLIP top BLUMOTION | CLIP top – hinges 70 Hinge applications OW MODUL BLUMOTION MODUL Colour Application Boss Fixing Web code Page Standard application 100° hinge 100° ● NI DQE3XA 176 Blind corner application Blind corner hinge inset application 95° ● NI DQE4MM 178 Refrigerator application Refrigerator facade door hinge 95° ● NI | ONS DQE5BY 180 Mounting plates Mounting plates 182 OW Opening angle ● With spring NI Nickel plated ONS Onyx black Accessories Hinge arm cover cap 185 Screws 186 Centre bit 186 Door buf fer 186 Screwdriver 187 Assembly, removal and adjustment Assembly, removal and adjustment Short URL Number of hinges Number of hinges The number of hinges depends on the front weight FG and front height FH Front height FH (mm) To achieve good stability, distances bet ween hinges should be as large as possible Load and height data relates to front widths FB of 600 mm * Door weight FG (kg) Pictograph Item available on request Overlay application Dual application Inset application Blind corner application Hinge with straight hinge arm Hinge with cranked hinge arm Hinge with double cranked hinge arm Screw-on boss Knock-in boss Hinge systems Symbolic image Symbolic image Symbolic image