Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

3 Blum Inspirations Ed itor ial Times of change of ten spark reflection and lead us to align with core values such as family, fr iends and cohesion, but also qualit y, sustainabilit y and longevit y. All this finds expression in our lifest yle and living space. The home environment is the ideal place to develop and find fulfilment. This is where we at Blum would like to be involved. What requirements and ideas dr ive you? What do you need to implement them? How can we help? Innovative ideas are not created in an ivor y tower. They are born in dialogue. We want to help facilitate a bet ter qualit y of living and provide new solutions for end users and furniture makers alike. Our goal is to enable bespoke furniture, mak ing the best use of living and storage space, so that ever yone can be inspired to create even more exciting designs. To do all this, we cannot stand still. We are dr iven by our passion to move for ward. Motion is one of our core foundations and is reflected in our guiding pr inciple ʽMoving ideasʼ. Just like our products deliver smooth motion to homes, we work together with commit ted par tners, employees, end users and customers to move things for ward and create the greatest benefits for ever yone involved. In shor t, our customers and end users are our inspiration. What inspires you? The Blum Inspirations Editor ial Team