Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

4 Blum Inspirations You’ll be amazed at how Blum products can make your life easier ever y day. Not only in the kitchen, but in all living areas. The high-quality, award winning fit tings from Austria are used in furniture all over the world. Blum inside Lif t systems Wall cabinets equipped with AVENTOS lif t systems fold up, swing up and over, lif t or pivot up, of fer ing the r ight opening action for any living space. Even large and heav y fronts open with supreme ease and remain in the desired position. Runner systems MOVENTO and TANDEM runners ensure that even heavily laden wooden drawers and pull- outs have a feather-light glide. Hinge systems Blum hinges ensure that cabinet doors open with elegance and close sof tly and silently. The technically innovative CLIP top range of fers great scope in terms of opening angle and design. Box systems Blum of fers the per fect drawer for any situation: LEGRABOX, MERIVOBOX and TANDEMBOX. All box systems can be configured to suit individual requirements and boast exceptional engineer ing and design. More information