Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

33 Blum Inspirations The sleek material mix exudes calm and creates a holist ic ambience Basic design rule: The smaller the apar tment, the more impor tant it is to keep the look calm and spacious. Johan Tran has confined himself to using just a few understated materials in line with Japanese design pr inciples. And he has used them consistently throughout the apar tment: the fit ted k itchen units, sliding and wardrobe doors, tables and shelves are beech ply wood with a natural soap finish. He has added brass details, like the metal band which runs across the dining table and the handles in the k itchen. A pendant light designed by Tom Dixon sets another lustrous highlight in the study. ‘You automatically create a tranquil feeling if you restr ict yourself to just a few materials,’ says Tran, explaining his concept. His design ideas are used throughout the apar tment: the sliding doors used as par tition walls are not the only elements that feature ver tical slits. The wall shelf has them too. Decorat ive items set visual highlights Johan Tran has enhanced the tranquil set ting with some timeless design classics. He bought the second hand 1960s dining chairs and restored them himself. The daybed by Ole Wanscher dates back to 1949. Sof t fabr ics counter the harshness of the clean lines, and healthy plants like the monstera in the study improve the room climate because the large leaves create good humidit y. •