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Blum Inspirations 3 4 Practical work ing conditions Storage Keeping your desk tidy will also help clear your mind. Give yourself plent y of well- organised storage so that work essentials are immediately to hand and can be cleared away again in a jif f y. Ambience One of the greatest advantages of work ing from home is that you can personalise your workspace. You can create a pleasant work ing environment with plants, pictures and other decorative items. Dynamics Sit ting in the same posture for long stretches of time can lead to neck and back tension. You can prevent aches and pains by frequently changing your position or standing while work ing. The working world is undergoing a major rethink. An increasing number of people are working from home, and more impor tance is being at tached to achieving a healthy work-life balance. There are a few things you should consider if you want to work ef fectively at home and be able to switch of f af ter a hard day.