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3 5 Blum Inspirations Ergonomics Desk and chair should be set at the r ight height. Upper and lower arm should form a r ight angle. Your posture is optimal if the angle bet ween your thighs and torso is more than 90 degrees. Break You should take regular breaks away from a display screen and get some exercise. Outdoor walks are a great way of recharging your bat ter ies. Standing while on the phone also has a positive ef fect on posture and circulation. Light The amount of natural daylight might not be enough to adequately illuminate your work place. In this case, use a supplementar y light source such as a daylight or LED monitor lamp to protect your eyes from fatigue. Colour Blue light disrupts our sleep -wake cycle. This not only applies to working late at computer screens but also to smar tphone displays. Turn on the night mode to protect your eyes. Special work place glasses can be bought with a blue light filter. Air Open the window regular ly to keep ox ygen levels high at your workplace. This will significantly increase your physical and mental per formance. Rest A quiet environment will help to keep you focussed and productive. That ’s why your home of fice should be protected against noise. If you don’t have a separate room, it might help to use a visual par tition or room divider.