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6 Blum Inspirations Smal l space wonders 10 Rethinking living Focus on new living space concepts 16 Fewer rooms, lots of space Family life in a lof t 22 Tips for more storage space Organisation made easy 24 All we need is SPACE Clever cabinet solutions 28 Living of fice Work ing from home in Oslo 34 Pract ical working condit ions Feel at home in your home of fice 36 Your of fice is ever y where Blum’s work place ideas 40 True greatness comes from within Micro living concepts Food culture 46 Authent ic, easy and creat ive Inter view with master chef Chiara van Emr ik 50 Dif ferent countries have dif ferent kitchens Cook ing around the wor ld 54 Your st yle, your kitchen Create your LEGRABOX 58 Good planning is half the bat t le Use the online Zone Planner