Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

5 Blum Inspirations Motion technologies Blum br ings enhanced convenience to furniture in four ways. BLUMOTION gives you sof t and ef for tless closing, TIP- ON one-touch opening and TIP- ON BLUMOTION is a marr iage of the t wo. SERVO -DRIVE is the electr ical motion technology for one-touch opening and sof t and ef for tless closing. Cabinet applications Practical and creative furniture ideas that of fer ma ximum flexibilit y so that you can make full use of the storage available and simplif y work flows. Solutions by Blum of fer easy access, are designed for heav y loads and are really eye- catching. Inner dividing systems AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE are flexible inner dividing systems that deliver organisation to interiors – from kitchen drawers to bathroom pull-outs. The dividers can be flexibly adapted to storage items and your personal lifestyle. Pocket systems There is a growing trend to combine living areas and create new space concepts. REVEGO makes it possible to open up entire spaces when needed, and close them of f again when not in use – quick ly, easily and intuitively.