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13 Blum Inspirations At home throughout the world The Blum family in figures languages on www.blum.com employees worldwide dif ferent nations 69 30 9400 learning cur ve." There are numerous social and cultural dif ferences bet ween France, his countr y of bir th, and the USA, for example – and many ways to put one's foot in it! "We're still learning, but in the meantime, we find the humour in it." Feeling at home Seek ing out a new home is an adventure for many reasons, in any chapter of life. A dose of optimism, careful planning and a few tips from exper ienced expats can help ease the transition. "As we were already par t of the Blum family and were received with open arms at the new site, it made it a lot easier," says Pascal Röck about their arr ival in the USA. Stéphane Billod-Girard adds: "We are proud to say we feel at home on both sides of the Atlantic. We will always retain our or igins, but we had the courage to follow our dreams. We've created a new home that 's r ight for us."