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Home is where the hear t is Blum employees share their experiences A sea of tranquillity Combined kitchen and living rooms at the hear t of a home Buildings that tell a story Sustainable renovation and restoration

2 Blum Inspirations "We're helping our customers make their homes and liv ing spaces comfortable and practical – in 120 countries worldwide."

3 Blum Inspirations Of ten it 's the lit tle things that make a house a home. Things that are unique to you, have a special place in your hear t and evoke memor ies, make you feel safe and sound, or remind you of loved ones, fr iends and family. It 's not really about the mater ial things. It 's cer tain values and emotions that shape our image of our home. In this issue, we ask Blum employees around the wor ld to tell us about where they feel at home. It 's all about values. At Blum we are driven by qualit y, trust and innovation, as well as sustainable action. For us, this is more than a trend; it 's a commitment. There are many ways to look at and actively approach sustainabilit y – at a company level or individually, and you can see some inspiring projects in this magazine that we have found for you. What ideas and tips can you think of for creating a sustainable home? Your Blum Inspirations Editor ial Team Ed itor ial

4 Blum Inspirations You'll be amazed at how Blum products can make your life easier ever y day. Not only in the kitchen, but in all living areas. The high-quality fit tings from Austria are used in furniture all over the world and have won multiple design awards. Blum Inside

5 Blum Inspirations Wall cabinet fronts Fold up, swing up and over, lif t up or pivot up: AVENTOS lif t systems of fer the r ight opening action for any living space. Even large and heav y wall cabinet fronts open with supreme ease and remain in the desired position. Hinge systems Blum hinges ensure that cabinet doors open with elegance and close sof tly and ef for tlessly. The technically innovative CLIP top range of fers great scope in terms of opening angle and design. Runner systems MOVENTO and TANDEM runner systems ensure that even heavily laden wooden drawers and pull- outs have a feather-light glide. Box systems Blum has the per fect drawer for any situation: LEGRABOX, MERIVOBOX and TANDEMBOX. All box systems can be configured to suit individual requirements and boast exceptional engineer ing and design. Motion technologies Blum br ings enhanced convenience to furniture in four ways. BLUMOTION gives you sof t and ef for tless closing, TIP- ON one-touch opening and TIP- ON BLUMOTION is a marr iage of the t wo. SERVO -DRIVE is the electr ical motion technology for one-touch opening and sof t and ef for tless closing. Inner dividing systems AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE are flexible inner dividing systems that deliver organisation to interiors – from kitchen drawers to bathroom pull-outs. The dividers can be flexibly adapted to storage items and your personal lifestyle. Pocket systems There is a growing trend to combine living areas and create new space concepts. REVEGO makes it possible to open up entire spaces when needed, and close them of f again when not in use – quick ly, easily and intuitively. Cabinet applications Practical and creative furniture ideas that of fer ma ximum flexibilit y so that you can make full use of the storage available and simplif y work flows. Solutions by Blum of fer easy access, are designed for heav y loads and are really eye- catching. Find out more

6 Blum Inspirations Smal l space wonders 10 Home is where the hear t is Blum employees share their exper iences 16 The future of urban living Passive house concept down under 22 Make space for st yle The trend for walk-in wardrobes 24 Tidy home, t idy mind Tidying tips from an exper t 26 Organised down to the ver y last detail Inner dividing system for drawers Food culture 34 The joy of baking Bread, glor ious bread from Austr ia 38 Happier, healthier eat ing A look at nutr itional trends 40 A sea of tranquillit y Combined k itchen and living rooms at the hear t of a home 46 The per fect wall? Closing of f large areas of the kitchen 50 Urban gardening Green oases in the cit y

T rends 54 A passion for wood The dream chalet 60 Open to new trends Design solutions with MERIVOBOX 64 Buildings that tell a stor y Sustainable renovation and restoration 70 Modern, cosy, sustainable A family home in the mountains 76 Tips Books and more Contents T he world of Blum 8 0 Blum facts Facts and figures 82 Opt imum convenience for a relaxing life Requirements research in action 86 Sustainabilit y in mind Commit ted to the future 8 8 A showroom with a sk yline Blum's global presence 91 Masthead


10 24 16 26 22 Make space for style Home is where the hear t is Tidy home, tidy mind The future of urban living Organisation down to the very last detail space wonders

10 Blum Inspirations Or igin, homeland, home. These terms have several dif ferent layers of meaning and relate to var ious places. While you can' t choose your or igin or homeland, and these are usually linked to where you were born or grew up, you can create a home for yourself, repeatedly, over the course of your lifetime – for each chapter of your life, dur ing dif ferent per iods and as the groups of people around you change. Throughout these per iods, your homeland can be a fixed point to which you can return. A safe haven There's always been a deeper dimension to the concepts of homeland and home. Rather than freely seek ing out a place to live, people are forced to set tle down elsewhere due to geopolitical conflicts or environmental changes. Wars, displacement, climate change. All these are on the r ise and must be faced, with openness and a sincere culture of open arms. "Ever yone can do their bit, including companies. There are currently people from 69 nations work ing at Blum's headquar ters in Vorar lberg. Our apprentices speak t welve dif ferent native languages," explains Franz Ha, HR Specialist. "We're really proud of this." Constants and variables Unlike one's or igin or homeland, a home is something that may dif fer over time. It changes with you. From the first time you move to your own space, or have a per iod abroad, your work ing years and star ting a family, and eventually growing old. Each exciting change forms the basis for a home. Those who have the freedom to create a Home is where the heart is Flexibility, mobility and not least digitalisation are shaping the way we think about what makes a home. The scope has been unlimited for a while. Beyond cities, countries or continents. And now, it 's not even limited to reality. The Metaverse is knocking at our door and opening up practically unlimited oppor tunities in a vir tual world. Is it time to re-define the concept of 'home'?

11 Blum Inspirations

12 Blum Inspirations "Whi le i n the USA, we real ised that people have d i f ferent values and pr ior it ies depend i ng on where they come f rom." Nadine Röck, Sales Coordinator and Pascal Röck Project Manager Sales, Blum Austr ia home for themselves that, for example, fits in with their job, are for tunate. A home away from home Blum employees who have found a new work-related home far from their place of bir th and countr y of or igin – or have returned to them – will confirm this. Such as Nadine and Pascal Röck. "We consider both Vorar lberg in Austr ia and Nor th Carolina in the USA as home. We lived in both places for a long time and feel a strong connection to both. The dilemma for us is that we like being near to our family in Austr ia again, but we also miss our fr iends in the USA," says Pascal. People and relationships are of ten a bigger factor than physical places, when it comes to feeling at home. More than just four walls What is it that makes someone feel truly at home? For Lukas Reumiller, it is a feeling of secur it y, well-being and belonging. "This mainly comes from the people around me – from my family and fr iends, my par tner, and my colleagues." The qualit y of the living space also plays an impor tant role for him. "Large windows which let light in. My view across Shanghai's urban sea of houses. The big dining table where we regular ly sit with fr iends. And my dog Mister, who's always there to greet me af ter a long day at work." While Lukas Reumiller from Austr ia moved to China, Jing Wang moved in the opposite direction and is currently work ing at Blum's headquar ters in Austr ia as a Sales Assistant. "I 've decorated my apar tment with mementos, plants and photos from my homeland and continue cer tain cultural habits. My tip for anyone who's not feeling quite at home would be to cook food from your home countr y and find nice neighbours. This will keep you grounded." Obstacles and challenges Moving to a new location comes with its own set of challenges. Ever yone we asked agreed that learning a new language is pivotal when it comes to feeling at home. "Not just the language itself, but the way in which people communicate var ies from countr y to countr y," says Inácio Tiago Guimarães Lacerda, who relocated from São Paulo, Bra zil to the headquar ters in Höchst. This is down to cultural reasons, says Stéphane Billod-Girard. "This is the most dif ficult thing to get used to in this regard; it 's a steep

13 Blum Inspirations At home throughout the world The Blum family in figures languages on www.blum.com employees worldwide dif ferent nations 69 30 9400 learning cur ve." There are numerous social and cultural dif ferences bet ween France, his countr y of bir th, and the USA, for example – and many ways to put one's foot in it! "We're still learning, but in the meantime, we find the humour in it." Feeling at home Seek ing out a new home is an adventure for many reasons, in any chapter of life. A dose of optimism, careful planning and a few tips from exper ienced expats can help ease the transition. "As we were already par t of the Blum family and were received with open arms at the new site, it made it a lot easier," says Pascal Röck about their arr ival in the USA. Stéphane Billod-Girard adds: "We are proud to say we feel at home on both sides of the Atlantic. We will always retain our or igins, but we had the courage to follow our dreams. We've created a new home that 's r ight for us."

14 Blum Inspirations © JAMES LE "In Shanghai, you get to exper ience l i fe i n an i nternat ional met ropol is and unadulterated Chi nese culture. You meet people f rom al l over the world. I feel just as at home here as I do i n Vorarl berg." Lukas Reumiller, Project Coordinator Sales & Marketing, Blum China "Home is a place where I feel safe and sound. A place f ul l of love, where I can just be mysel f." Jing Wang, Sales Assistant, Blum Austr ia

15 Blum Inspirations "I feel t ruly at home when my daughter g reets me af ter a long day at work." Inácio Tiago Guimarães Lacerda, Qualit y Engineer, Blum Austr ia "Relocat i ng is an adventure. But it's easier together. My t ip is st ick together and be open to new thi ngs. So you can lead a f ul fi l l i ng l i fe abroad." Stéphane Billod-Girard, Customer Ser vice Manager, Blum USA

16 Blum Inspirations The future of urban liv ing Ahead of their time: Award-winning architects Felicity Bernstein and Marc Bernstein-Hussmann saw the future of construction back in the 1990s. From their stations around the world – Germany, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates and Australia – they have formulated the core statements for their work: ecological, sustainable, modular design, passive construction methods for all and quality over quantity, right down to the tiniest detail and set to last a lifetime. We visited them at home in Melbourne. P H O T O G R A P H E R M A T T C I M M A N U E L B O S S E L O C A T I O N M E L B O U R N E I A U S T R A L I A A R C H I T E C T S M E L B O U R N E D E S I G N S T U D I O S

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19 Blum Inspirations On a wedge-shaped plot nestled bet ween the railway line and street sits Hüt t 01 with its str ik ingly modern black facade. The cer tified 'Passivhaus' is the work of the Bernstein family from the multiple-award-winning Melbourne Design Studios and combines clever spatial planning with the latest technology: from an eco- garden aquaponics system, CLT structure and passive house technology to a green roof and an (almost) self- contained electr ic system with photovoltaics and bat ter y storage system. Bet ter not bigger Architect and owner Marc Bernstein- Hussmann is full of enthusiasm for pioneer ing technological solutions. "We were ear ly adopters when it came to work ing with sustainable construction methods and technology. We are now one of the exper ts in this field. We believe that a low-energy house or passive house represents the future of construction." These concepts create a healthy home in several ways: natural mater ials provide a non-toxic environment, the ventilation system with heat recover y cleans the air, and modern tr iple- gla zed windows of fer ma ximum sound insulation. "We have created a cosy yet spacious home for the whole family in just a few square metres." Living well The way the minimalistic gourmet k itchen flows out into the herb and meditation garden lends the house, which is situated in the centre of the cit y, a special charm. Water from the fish pond supplies the ver tical herb bed on the boundar y wall made of recycled br icks. Indoors, the use of innovative nets opens up a var iet y of perspectives. "Af ter a long day at work, we like to rela x in one of our favour ite spots. In the k ids' rooms, the nets provide additional space to play or rela x." Qualit y down to the ver y last detail When it came to the inter ior design, the Bernstein family focused on qualit y and a timeless design. They used numerous Blum products to create the storage space solutions. In the bespoke k itchen, LEGRABOX, the elegant box system from Blum, provides space for utensils and food. "I love how organised the pull- outs are and the mater ial doesn' t give of f any toxic vapours. This makes LEGRABOX an ideal component in a healthy home." Spacious drawers under built-in benches "A relax ing home is the key to a balanced l i fe and our house is the per fect oasis in the midst of the urban jungle."

2 0 Blum Inspirations mean tidying-up is child's play. And the HVAC system is hidden behind closed fronts with CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges in elegant ony x black. At home in Australia That feeling of being at home was something we also felt before Hüt t 01 was constructed. "We enjoyed get ting to know dif ferent countr ies, cultures and international architecture. But we really fell in love with Australia. We feel welcome here, enjoy the rela xed lifest yle and healthy work-life balance – the Australians really are the masters of this," says Felicit y Bernstein. At the same time, the t wo architects saw huge potential for environ- "CO2-neut ral and al l about l i fest yle: our re - generat ive architecture celebrates qual it y of l i fe and hav ing a posit ive ecolog ical ef fect."

21 Blum Inspirations mentally-fr iendly construction down under. "We are br inging our exper ience in this field to Australia and combining German precision with the Australian lifest yle to create bet ter buildings for the planet and future generations." • Hüt t 01 facts • Built 2021 • Passivhaus Premium • 180 m² • 133 × LEGRABOX terra black • 301 × CLIP top BLUMOTION ony x black hutt.com.au melbournedesignstudios.com.au

2 2 Blum Inspirations

23 Blum Inspirations A st ylish look with colour & light Colour schemes can also change the feel of a dressing room. Light colours make the space look bigger. Lighting, too, is impor tant for creating a feel- good factor. If there's no natural lighting, then wall cabinets, compar tments and drawers will need to be well lit. Indirect lighting – such as LED str ips – is a good choice for this. The details make all the dif ference Take as much care when designing your walk-in wardrobe as you would with other living spaces. Choosing an out fit should be as much fun as stor ing your clothes. Plan space for a full-length mirror, somewhere to sit or a rug. • How many shoes do I have? The key to a successful walk-in wardrobe lies in the planning. Star t by tak ing stock of what you need to store: what t ypes of clothes do you have and how many? If you have a lot of items that need to go on hangers, then you need to calculate the lengths of your dresses or blouses so you can plan your clothes rails accordingly. Create creat ive storage space Once you've taken stock, it 's time to choose the r ight furniture. It 's impor tant to leave enough space so you can get dressed and undressed with ease. Items that collect dust, such as leather bags, are best stored behind wall cabinet fronts. When it comes to drawers, think about suitable inner dividing systems for keeping belts, ties, scar ves or jeweller y organised. Tip: Make a sketch with measurements and distances. Cur tains or a room divider can be used to separate the area of f from the rest of the room. Make space for style We've been dreaming of walk-in wardrobes since long before Sex and the City arrived on our screens. A dressing area is a timeless interior trend and the ultimate when it comes to storage space. It doesn' t have to be a full-on 'Carrie Bradshaw' New York-style dressing room. Unused recesses or sloped ceilings can also be conver ted into an out fit oasis. Bot tom line Make the best of your home. With a bit of smar t planning and a dividing system that 's r ight for you, you can turn unused space into practical storage. Take a look at the Blum solutions for wardrobes and storage space for inspiration.

24 Blum Inspirations T idy home, tidy mind Tidying exper ts of fer many methods for bringing order to your home. Tidying is also highly personal. The process must work for you if it is to be ef fective in the long run, says organisational coach Karolin Walch. She helps people create order out of chaos and revitalise their lives. "My aim is to help people feel good in their own four walls and in them - selves," says Karolin Walch. Tidying up proper ly and establishing a cer tain level of order br ings a sense of tranquillit y. When you are about to embark on a tidying-up project, it 's impor tant not to set your goals too high, focus on the lit tle wins and get r id of baggage. Let 's star t with the wardrobe.

2 5 Blum Inspirations 1 4 7 2 5 8 3 6 9 Celebrate the new season. A small r itual which can be used to have a clear out and make space in your wardrobe. As well as adjusting your internal clock to the upcoming season. Set up zones. Ever yone has dif ferent aspects to their life. The contents of your wardrobe can be divided into zones for work wear, spor tswear, leisurewear, etc. This makes it easier to see what 's what and saves time. No more than two steps. Closed storage systems provide a visually clean look and are optimally planned when the contents can be removed and stored away again in just t wo steps. Sor t by category. Put items of the same t ype together in one place. You can break things down fur ther if your storage space permits. Hang don' t fold. Items that are dif ficult to fold belong on a clothes hanger. Sor t items by t ype (outer clothing, trousers, and so on) or colour to make it easier to choose what you want to wear. Use the rotation principle. If you use the folding method for under wear and socks, these can be taken out of the same side of the drawer each time, and freshly washed items can be added to the other side. Stand upright don' t stack. There are smar t folding instructions for most items of clothing so they can be stored in a drawer with the folded edge upwards, instead of stack ing them. This makes it easier to see what 's there and take it out with ease. Showcase your treasured items. Sor t your accessor ies by categor y – so you can find each piece at a glance. Handbags and shoes are st ylish items that can be put on display, and are a pleasure to look at as well as wear. First declutter. This reduces the amount you need to store and makes it easier to put things away in an organised manner. When it comes to clothes, it 's important to only keep items that currently fit you and that you like. This will make you feel good about yourself.

2 6 Blum Inspirations Save t ime and space Clothes and accessor ies are always to hand thanks to the AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system for per fect organisation. The frames in an elegant wood design can be arranged so that they are exactly the r ight size for the content in question. They make a high- qualit y addition to the box systems from Blum. If you're shor t on time in the morning, then drawers make it easier to find what you're looking for and get on with your day. Inner dividing systems such as AMBIA-LINE or ORGA-LINE are ideal for this. Organised down to the very last detail

27 Blum Inspirations Fits as if tailor-made Unlike standard inser ts, the ORGA-LINE divider sets can be arranged as you please. Whether it 's business at tire or other content, the individually adjustable cross dividers can handle any requirement. So your drawers look neat and tidy and pleasing to the eye. I t 's the lit t le things Small items in par ticular require good organisation. AMBIA-LINE in a classic steel design is the per fect colour match for the LEGRABOX and MERIVOBOX box systems. Thanks to the magnetic at tachment or anti-slip feet, the frames can be positioned in no time at all. Should your needs change, the frames can be rearranged with lit tle ef for t. Find out more

2 8 Blum Inspirations Don' t waste an inch The wooden cabinet, front and inner dividing system form a tasteful ensemble. The AMBIA-LINE frames fit like a glove.

2 9 Blum Inspirations From wide to narrow No mat ter what you want to store, the flexible ORGA-LINE divider sets keep ever y thing beautifully organised. All set Drawers are the height of convenience. With AMBIA-LINE inside, ever y thing is in its place.

O R G A - L I N E . A p l a c e f o r e v e r y t h i n g .

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46 48 40 38 34 Happier, healthier eating The joy of baking A sea of tranquillity The per fect wall? Urban gardening culture

3 4 Blum Inspirations P H O T O G R A P H S © B A C K E N M I T C H R I S T I N A L O C A T I O N S A L Z B U R G | A U S T R I A The joy of baking In Christina Bauer's baker y and cafe, visitors can enjoy small samples, professional baking utensils and friendly events relating to Christina's passion: baking. As an entrepreneur, author and food blogger, she has remained loyal to her home near to Salzburg, Austria and found an (analogue) home for her calling with an individual shop concept.

3 6 Blum Inspirations Why do your share your baking secrets online? I want to show people how easy it is to make something with just a few ingredients and your own hands, and to always know what 's in it – that 's what I want to get across. Anyone and ever yone can bake! I t 's clear that your shop is a labour of love. Which aspects were most important to you? I wanted to create a feelgood place with enough space for people to browse the shop and be inspired while enjoying a cof fee and some lit tle samples in peace and quiet. When I look around, it 's like I 'm in a dream. This is exactly how I imagined it. What was the most impor tant aspect during the planning stage? A spacious and convenient k itchen was the pr ior it y – it is still the bir thplace of many new ideas, books, maga zines and videos. You've integrated a lot of Blum prod - ucts – organisat ion and storage space must be impor tant to you? You can never have enough storage space and with this many utensils, a good dividing system is wor th its weight in gold. Baking inevitably results in a bit of 'chaos' and this means I can clear up and put ever y thing back in its place in no time at all. Do you feel more at home in the digital or the analogue world of baking? I tr y to find a balance. Without social media "Bak ing with Chr istina" would never have become what it is today. You can reach a lot of people, and hopefully inspire them, via the internet. But in-person conversations are most impor tant to me. It helps me find out what people like and where we can improve or develop. This feedback is incredibly useful – both analogue and digital. A B O U T Food blogger, author, parent, Chr istina Bauer 's energy knows no bounds. She lives at the Bramlhof farm near Salzburg, Austr ia, which has been in the family since 1532, with her husband, children and guests from all over the wor ld. She has turned her passion for bak ing into a career, has 124,000 followers on Instagram and a successful food blog. In 2018 she received the Copa Innovation Award for women farmers. backenmitchrist ina. at Find out more

37 Blum Inspirations Where do you call home in 'real life'? My home is in Bramlhof in Gör iach – this is where I can recharge my bat ter ies, spend time with family and rela x. Work ing at the farm is also my hobby. I also feel at home in my baker y. This isn' t something I take for granted, it 's something for which I 'm ver y grateful. • Mix the milk and egg. Add the flour and yeast. Mix in the salt, sugar and room-temperature but ter. Knead it all into a smooth dough and let it sit covered for around 30 minutes. Make eight equally long strands from the dough and plait them. Brush with whisked egg, spr ink le some nib sugar on and bake for approximately 25 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees (fan oven). TIP: The braided bread is per fect for freezing! 250 ml lukewarm milk 1 egg 7 g salt 10 0 g sugar 650 g wheat flour t ype 70 0 42 g fresh yeast (= 1 cube) or t wo packets of dr y yeast , each 7 g 10 0 g room -temperature but ter 1 egg for the egg wash Nib sugar for sprinkling Sonntagszopf (Sw iss braided bread)

3 8 Blum Inspirations Happier, healthier eating Vegan Vegans do not eat any food of animal or igin. This means no fish or meat and no eggs, milk, honey or products that contain gelatine. Nutr itional requirements are met eating by vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds. Climatarian To reduce their CO2 footpr int, climatar ians tr y to minimise the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production and transpor t of their food. This means favour ing regional products and avoiding plastic packaging. Vegetarian Vegetar ians only or predominately eat plant-based foods. They avoid meat, fish and poultr y. Lacto-vegetar ians also consume dair y products and lacto- ovo vegetar ians also eat eggs. Pescatar ians eat fish, while flexitar ians eat meat occasionally. Eating habits are changing for the bet ter around the world – both for the ecosystem and for people. There is greater awareness of greenhouse gas emissions caused by our diet. Health and personal well-being is becoming increasingly impor tant. People are eating less meat or a purely plant-based diet. Take a look at our over view.

3 9 Blum Inspirations Clean eating Clean eaters eat only natural foods as far as possible. Ready meals and fast food are avoided. This applies to all processed foods – including bread, oils and fats, salt and sugar and so on. Clean eaters t ypically prepare meals in bowls. Paleo A return to the stone age. This diet permits ever y thing that prehistor ic man could hunt or gather. Grains and legumes are out because there was no cultivation. Str ictly speak ing, dair y products should not be consumed either. Af ter all, you cannot milk a wild animal. Keto The ketogenic diet is a t ype of low carb diet. Foods that are high in carbohydrates are not on the menu. You can eat a lot of fat. The lack of carbohydrates induces the metabolic state of ketosis, dietar y fats are conver ted and used for energy. A focus on animal welfare and the climate Proportion of vegans as a % – on the rise Source: Statista Global Consumer Survey 2021 India 13.4 % China 4.8% USA 4.0 % Germany 3.2 % Bra zil 1.5 %

4 0 Blum Inspirations A sea of tranquility Every home should make us feel happy and comfor table. An open plan kitchen and living room can be the answer to create space and bring us closer together, just what has been achieved in this minimalistic house belonging to Tue S. Andersen on the east coast of Jutland. P H O T O G R A P H E R I D A S C H M I D T L O C A T I O N S N A P T U N I D E N M A R K A R C H I T E C T K E N N E T H A R B O E T E X T T I N A S C H N E I D E R - R A D I N G

42 Blum Inspirations The house on the coast of Snaptun seems to crouch down among the dunes, almost disappear ing behind the hedge. "We of ten sailed by and I 'd always dreamed of living here," says Tue S. Andersen. "The access to the sea is ever y thing to me. It br ings me peace." He stands on his oak wood terrace and looks out across the sea to the east, to the small island of Hjarnø. Behind him, the floor-to- ceiling windows are pushed aside. The long, self-built table with black oiled pine top is surrounded by enough chairs for a spontaneous par t y. As the house sits on a slope, Tue responded with gables of different heights. Inside, the heights create contrast in the var ious rooms. The mood also changes with the position of the sun throughout the day. The panoramic windows on both sides of the house flood the living- dining area, and its impressive island k itchen, with light. Visual unit y Tue had the wall behind the k itchen cabinets painted dark grey. In doing so, he has brought an intensive colour from the Danish natural landscape indoors, br inging depth and cosiness to the highceilinged, open space. The simple fronts of the white k itchen cabinets stand out all the more. A hard-wear ing quar t z work top was chosen for the black, stained- oak island. The water fall work top ef fect, where the work top ex tends down the sides to the floor, seems to enclose the island as a single entit y. So now the eye can go on a voyage of discover y and gradually let the details sink in. For example, the wicker of the seats is exactly the same shade of grey as the k itchen wall, and the floor boards, with their knot holes and irregular grain, are per fectly imper fect. "At first, I wanted to send them back," says Tue. "But the floor fit ter convinced me otherwise. The rustic look contrasts wonder fully with our industr ial ceilings." Minimalism in act ion The whole family feels as if they are on holiday ever y single day. There are no super fluous items to block your view, which adds to the easy- going atmosphere. Unopened post, coats, children's toys: ever y thing has a home, hidden behind cabinet fronts and tucked away in drawers. A wide hallway leads to an of fice. On one side, there is a wooden panel running along the entire length, beneath the windows. It is almost as low as a desk, At home by the sea A low hedge is all that 's separates Tue S. Andersen's house from the sandy beach in Snaptun, Jutland.

4 3 Blum Inspirations with closed containers underneath for stor ing all sor ts of documents and wr iting implements. As many as three family members can sit and concentrate on their work in this 'multiuse hall' at any one time. Just like the rest of the house, it works if you're together or alone, with a tranquil atmosphere and a view of the sea. • Timeless design with a far- reaching view Good furniture is like fr iendship: it lasts a lifetime. Such as these wishbone chairs by Hans Wegner. "We value f urniture that w i l l last many years and is made f rom good mater ials."

4 4 Blum Inspirations Strong t ies The windowsill is adorned with fruit bowls and objects found at flea markets. Only things that are loved or used are kept in the home. Clear view, clear mind The bungalow features panoramic windows on both longitudinal sides. A shady spot can always be found on the oak terrace.

4 5 Blum Inspirations "It's l i ke ever y day's a hol iday: we come home and can f ul ly relax."

4 6 Blum Inspirations The perfect wall? The per fect way to fully close of f spaces Innovative solutions open up new creative inter ior design possibilities – in the k itchen or other living areas. First work, then rela x and play, with the REVEGO pocket system. Whether open or closed, the sleek, elegant design enhances any space and won the Red Dot Design Award in 2022.

47 Blum Inspirations Find out more A well -thought- out concept What 's special about REVEGO is that all the technology is integrated in a narrow cabinet. The large fronts disappear completely into the pocket. Most of the assembly steps are carr ied out by the manufacturer and customers are supplied with a ready-to-install pocket door system. REVEGO is then installed quick ly and easily on site.

4 8 Blum Inspirations Fresh perspectives

49 Blum Inspirations T h e i n n o v a t i v e R E V E G O p o c k e t s y s t e m o p e n s u p a n d c l o s e s o f f l i v i n g s p a c e s .

5 0 Blum Inspirations Urban gardening Going green More and more green spaces are spr inging up in the centre of towns and cities. Green roofs on bus stops act as carbon sinks in the asphalt jungle and at tract insects. People are using their house roofs as communal flower beds and green oases, supermarkets around the wor ld are tr ying green farming and cultivating vegetables and herbs directly in the building or on the roof. More green spaces can improve the climate in cities and towns, reduce heat build-up and increase ever yone's well-being.

51 Blum Inspirations Ever yone can get involved Architectural green buildings from Milan to Singapore or the ver tical gardens by architect Fernando Or tiz Monaster io along the urban motor ways in Mexico cit y are impressive, but anyone can create their ver y own green spot, in their garden, on their balcony or windowsill. Urban gardening benefits not only those who want small-scale self-suf ficiency, it also revives neglected or unused urban areas. As well as tak ing social media by storm, this trend can also be found in numerous Green cit ies Inspir ing examples from around the wor ld Indoor urban farm for salads and herbs in a former air-raid shelter London "Prinzessinnengär ten" – a mobile vegetable garden on 6,000 square metres of unused space Berl in 1,000 private and non-profit gardens on the site of a former factor y Detroit Tips for your own green space • Organic, open-pollinated seeds are best • Large container with drainage and hole in the ground • Peat-free soil that is also free from herbicides and pesticides • Star t with cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberr ies or herbs for quick results guides for gardening projects. Our tip: see our ar ticle on "urban farmers" for inspiration (pg. 77). •


54 60 64 70 76 Buildings that tell a story A passion for wood Modern, cosy, sustainable Open to new trends Tips

5 4 Blum Inspirations A passion for wood It 's back on trend. As our love for nature grows, wood is making a comeback in our living spaces. Which aspects of this trend come into play for customers and for designers and manufacturers in their day-to-day work? Clément Goudet from the Holzatelier Monts et Mer veilles has all the answers. P H O T O G R A P H E R T H I B A U T B L A I S L O C A T I O N M O N T G E N È V R E I F R A N C E I N T E R I O R D E S I G N A T E L I E R M O N T S E T M E R V E I L L E S

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57 Blum Inspirations "Gloss finishes are out. Customers are now af ter natural, matt sur faces." When it comes to trends in inter ior design, wood is back. It 's long shaken of f its rustic image, and of fers an array of advantages. Wood of fers designers an immense amount of scope – both inside and out. Residents love the feel- good atmosphere that wooden finishes and fix tures generate. It has a positive ef fect on the indoor climate, is a tactile exper ience, and a timeless look that goes with many st yles. A material full of character Wood is regarded as an all-rounder with sustainable character. As a renewable raw mater ial, it ef fectively binds harmful CO2 and can be processed as old wood and re-used. "There is a cer tain charm to machining old wood that has been exposed to weather and sunlight for many years," explains Clément Goudet from Monts et Mer veilles, the renowned French design and carpentr y studio. Nestled at the edge of the French Alps, the company has made a name for itself in inter ior design and fit tings for chalets and exclusive sk i huts. Contemporar y wood design sets trends The studio deliberately uses old wood with a distinct grain. "Together with modern lines and contemporar y mater ials, we create the per fect balance bet ween modern and old," explains Goudet. Untreated raw mater ials are used for all projects. This applies not only to wood, but also steel, tex tiles, wool and stone. The aim is to maintain as much of the mater ial's raw, or iginal character as possible. Wood is therefore only minimally processed, its natural lines and irregular ities are emphasised. A focus on sustainabilit y The choice of wood depends on the design and the client 's wishes. All the same, Monts et Mer veilles mainly uses regional larch wood, which is valued by cabinet makers and customers for its natural proper ties: it is resistant to moisture, mould and insects. "The traceabilit y of the wood is impor tant to us, we source it locally. The cer tified wood comes from forests within 10 k ilometres."

5 8 Blum Inspirations A love for wood and craf t For Clément Goudet, wood is the focal point of his creative work. "I have nothing bad to say about wood. Its tactile nature is incredibly appealing. It 's great to work with and can be enr iched with other mater ials to create contemporar y designs." There is one other essential aspect for Clément - enjoying his work. And it is clear that he loves ever y step of each project, guaranteeing high qualit y and satisfied customers. Pure luxur y Clément Goudet and his team draw inspiration on their travels, at trade fairs and above all, from nature. And what comes nex t? "We incorporate the needs and wishes of our, of ten ver y exacting, clientèle into our work and take the harmony of the space and existing objects into account. Occasionally the planning process will even take t wo years, to deliver optimum results by work ing in close collaboration. What could be nicer than furniture made of wood that comes from a forest that is vir tually on your doorstep? Our customers appreciate such details and so they of ten give us free rein." Technology and innovat ion Speak ing of details, almost all of the furniture fit tings that Monts et Mer veilles uses are from Blum. "I 'm a huge fan of Blum products," says Goudet. The qualit y and reliabilit y is excellent. "At the moment, we are mainly using hinges in ony x black with individually coordinated cover caps, as these suit the current design trends. This has even become our sor t of trademark. The LEGRABOX box system with its linear and narrow sides is also ver y popular in our projects." The designer also thinks highly of Blum's innovation process and R&D work, which he was able to see for himself dur ing a tour of the plant in Austr ia. "We want to be the first to utilise the latest products and innovations from Blum." •

5 9 Blum Inspirations A B O U T The Monts et Mer veilles studio is renowned not only in France, but in design metropolises such as London and Milan. These wood exper ts specialise in room planning and inter ior design. The 11-strong team consists of highly qualified and exper ienced designers and cabinet makers led by Clément Goudet. As a cabinet maker by trade, he has worked for international architecture firms and for the last 10+ years he has been focusing on turnkey projects in the luxur y segment. "Local sourcing of mater ials isn't the most impor tant factor, but more and more customers want this."

6 0 Blum Inspirations Open to new trends When sophisticated technology meets high-quality materials and exceptional design, it results in harmonious synergy. The MERIVOBOX box system of fers design freedom. Thanks to its innovative, modular design, it works with any home interior trend. Its clear lines and characteristic look benefit any living area. So it 's no surprise that MERIVOBOX has already won five awards, including the coveted iF Design Award.

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62 Blum Inspirations Simply work bet ter A home of fice needs to be functional yet still visually ap - pealing. MERIVOBOX modular with BOXCAP impresses in ever y way. Ever y thing to hand Practical and appealing: MERIVOBOX in indium grey provides tastefully designed storage space for k itchen accessor ies underneath the hob.

6 3 Blum Inspirations At tract ive light ing ef fects Transparency and light define the mood of a room. MERIVOBOX modular with BOXCOVER is an excellent example of this. Wellness at home In the bathroom, MERIVOBOX in silk white mat t sets aesthetic accents and demonstrates its versatilit y in any living space.

6 5 Blum Inspirations Or iginally constructed as a barn for hay and car ts, this listed farm building situated in the hear t of Dornbirn is now a residential building with character and soul, ideal for the whole family. "The building can now fulfil a dif ferent purpose from its or iginal function for a while. This transformation was only possible thanks to the solid foundations," explains Julia Kick. "We kept our inter ventions to a minimum to preser ve the building's character as far as possible." A shining example of sustainabilit y Julia Kick talks about her barn like an old fr iend. And she is a strong believer in the protection of histor ic buildings. Without such initiatives, the barn would have been torn down long ago. Preser vation orders protect old buildings from being demolished to make way for soulless standard units. "For me, renovating existing buildings is a key aspect of sustainabilit y. In fact, I regard the buildings from the 1960s as valuable. These days, costs are cut at P H O T O G R A P H E R A N G E L A L A M P R E C H T L O C A T I O N D O R N B I R N | A U S T R I A A R C H I T E C T J U L I A K I C K A R C H I T E C T S Buildings that tell a story Working with the existing fabric of a building requires thinking outside the standard box of solutions. This is architect Julia Kick's favourite activity. Her first, independent and multi-award-winning project has propelled her into the young architecture scene in Vorarlberg. We spoke to her about the revitalisation of the Josef Weiss farm building from the 19th centur y.

6 6 Blum Inspirations ever y turn in construction and this means that most of the proper ties built today simply won' t see a second life." Love at first sight It was just as she first went it alone that Julia became aware of the barn. "I immediately got this good feeling that I could make something out of this building," she says. The fabr ic of the building was on view and convinced her to take on the project. There was nothing standing in the way. "We defined cer tain requirements in advance: suf ficient space for the newly-founded architect 's of fice, retaining the facade, and re-using the floor ing. I definitely also wanted to preser ve the tall opening which used to be used for the hay car ts. There's now a huge gla zed door there. This was custom-built so that the entrance opens up fully."

67 Blum Inspirations Craf tsmanship and exper t ise Julia has a lot of positive memor ies from the build. "We did a lot of the work ourselves but we also worked with craf tspeople, building physics engineers, and fire safet y, and that was all really exciting." Due to the building's listed status, there were more options open to her than with heavily regulated new builds. "This made the whole project somewhat more rela xed. We considered ever y angle individually and were able to react spontaneously to mat ters that arose dur ing the course of the project." For example, the HVAC technology in the barn is visible in places, but in harmony with the existing elements. "I took a pret t y pragmatic approach to this. Any where where it would have been too complex to integrate it, we lef t it visible. I don' t think much of old-st yle radiators, light switches and that k ind of thing. It 's "You bui ld to last a long t ime, so the fabr ic of the bui ld ing should be sustainable and changeable."

6 8 Blum Inspirations "For me, renovation is an important part of sustainability." not authentic and it 's unnecessar ily expensive. You should be able to see what 's old and what 's new. This is what creates an honest result." The past is the future Af ter the barn project and ensuing awards, she received numerous requests to renovate old buildings. "This is definitely one of our key areas and at the same time it is ex tremely complex. You need the r ight clients and the r ight team," she stresses. And one thing needs to be clear: a renovated house is not a new build. "If clients are struggling to understand this, I advise them to do a new build instead.“ Julia Kick's clients are highly aware of sustainabilit y issues, regional mater ials and modern heating systems. "In contrast, my customers tend to be less interested in aspects such as smar t homes. Quite the opposite in fact. Error-prone 'gadgets' of ten go hand in hand with considerable maintenance costs. Many want to save themselves the stress and expense." Architecture for people What architectural dream would Julia like to fulfil nex t? "I would like to do something that appeals to many people. Something public, a bigger residential building with enough space for a lot of people. A project in which I can make my thoughts and perhaps also my cr iticism of residential development visible and perceptible. •

6 9 Blum Inspirations A B O U T With her thought ful approach, architect Julia Kick captures the spir it of the times. From the ver y outset, when she founded her studio back in 2015, Julia and her team had clear aims: sustainable construction, careful preser vation and development, creating living space from empt y buildings, having the courage to use unusual solutions. She of ten gives guest lectures at Liechtenstein Universit y on the topic of architecture and spatial development. She received the Vorar lberg Timber Construction Pr ize and "Das beste Haus 2018" pr ize for the Josef Weiss farm building project.

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71 Blum Inspirations Modern, cosy, sustainable Nature inside and out. An impressive mountain backdrop is the per fect set ting for a sustainable raw material such as wood. This on-trend material lends all living spaces a cosy atmosphere and sits per fectly alongside the Vorarlberg architecture. In the idyllic location of Laterns, one family has brought their dream of living close to nature to life. And it 's spacious and tidy – thanks to intelligent storage solutions.

72 Blum Inspirations Always close to hand As the wooden cutler y drawers with MOVENTO runner system can be fully ex tended, you can easily reach items r ight at the back. Mult i use A seat on top, storage space with large wooden drawers underneath. The synchronised feather-light glide of MOVENTO ensures that wide drawers open and close smoothly without get ting stuck.

73 Blum Inspirations Concealed technology The MOVENTO runner system has t wo special features. It is suitable for wooden drawers and is installed in a concealed manner. A sophisticated solution for a flawless look. Smooth running Wooden drawers are possible with the MOVENTO runner system, even for a close to the floor drawer, as these runners can take a ma ximum load of 70 kg without dropping and hit ting the floor.

M O V E N T O . T h e s o p h i s t i c a t e d s o l u t i o n f o r i d e a s i n w o o d .

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Home Report 2022, Oona Horx Strathern, www.strathern.eu © Klaus Vyhnalek, www.vyhnalek.com @mariekondo If you want to declut ter or are seek ing out the best folding methods, look no fur ther. The queen of tidying can also be found online at konmari.com. Home Repor t 2022 Home trends 2022. In this latest edition of her Home Repor t, author Oona Hor x-Strathern covers the latest developments in the architecture and construction sector and takes a look at the topics of greater sustainabilit y and play fulness. Publicat ion/Online edit ion, 136 pages ISBN 978 - 3 - 945647- 86 - 8 zukunf tsinst itut .de T ips Charmante Chalets (Charming chalets) A cof fee-table book for br inging a st ylish holiday feel to your own home. With impressive photo spreads, it presents the most beautiful hideaways in the Alps – from traditional to simple and elegant. Inspiration from author Tina Schneider-Rading. Hardcover, 20 8 pages ISBN: 978 - 3 -7667-2553 - 0 callwey.de

7 7 Blum Inspirations © Valery Rizzo, Urban Farmers, gestalten 2021 © Backen mit Christina. Nadja Hudovernik #bespokeintheburbs For over 30 years, Ramsin Khachi has developed a reputation for modern, custom inter ior projects with his interdisciplinar y team of inter ior designers, architectural technologists, craf tspeople and contractors. His YouTube channel is both humorous and informative. khachi.com Urban Farmers Green spaces, gardens on roofs and unused areas are spr inging up in the centre of metropolises all around the wor ld. "Urban Farmers" explores these diverse trends, from bee keeping and communal gardens to underground mushroom farms, and shows that a blend of greener y and concrete can create a greener and more sustainable urban lifest yle. Hardcover, 256 pages ISBN: 978 - 3 - 9 6704 - 0 0 6 -7 gestalten.com Das große Brotbackbuch (The big bread baking book) If you're a fan of mak ing your own bread, this book by Chr istina Bauer is for you. With step -by-step instructions and 120 recipes for ever y occasion. 350 pages ISBN: 978 - 3 -70 66 -2970 - 6 backenmitchrist ina. at

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8 0 Blum Inspirations 11 2100 800 Blum facts production sites in 4 countries Creating furniture fit tings for a bet ter quality of living is ver y impor tant to us. Founded in 1952, we manufacture lif t, hinge, pull-out and pocket systems for furniture and provide complementar y ser vices and assembly devices. We ship our multiple-award-winning products to 120 countries worldwide. hinge versions patents

81 Blum Inspirations 25 % 33 70 410 of whom are women subsidiaries on 6 continents apprentices showrooms worldwide

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8 3 Blum Inspirations Our physical abilities and changes determine our living requirements. To reproduce these as closely as possible, the Blum Requirements Research team uses tools such as the AgeExplorer® simulation suit. This simulates the physical limitations that t ypically occur with age and helps us to identif y a wide range of barr iers in all living spaces. The findings are used to develop product solutions which provide ma ximum convenience with regard to ergonomics and user fr iendliness, benefiting manufacturers and end customers alike. Manufacturers can improve the advice they give and respond bet ter to users' needs, ultimately providing them with an individual and ergonomically-tailored living space. Problem zones near to the ground Cer tain components of the AgeExplorer® suit – such as the straps – simulate stif f joints. These make it dif ficult to bend down and lif t out items, which is most noticeable with doors and fixed shelves in base cabinets. In contrast, drawers with full ex tension enable easy access, even into the fur thest corner. A greater grasp Special gloves reduce fine motor sk ills and gr ip strength. Practical tests have Optimum convenience for a relaxing life How do you design a home so that the space and furniture adds to your well-being in ever y chapter of life? So that small obstacles don' t become huge challenges? With careful planning, there are clever ways to ensure your home remains comfor table as you age, for example. Or to ensure that nothing slows you down at home should you break a leg or become pregnant. Blum carries out ongoing research into such solutions.