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23 Blum Inspirations A st ylish look with colour & light Colour schemes can also change the feel of a dressing room. Light colours make the space look bigger. Lighting, too, is impor tant for creating a feel- good factor. If there's no natural lighting, then wall cabinets, compar tments and drawers will need to be well lit. Indirect lighting – such as LED str ips – is a good choice for this. The details make all the dif ference Take as much care when designing your walk-in wardrobe as you would with other living spaces. Choosing an out fit should be as much fun as stor ing your clothes. Plan space for a full-length mirror, somewhere to sit or a rug. • How many shoes do I have? The key to a successful walk-in wardrobe lies in the planning. Star t by tak ing stock of what you need to store: what t ypes of clothes do you have and how many? If you have a lot of items that need to go on hangers, then you need to calculate the lengths of your dresses or blouses so you can plan your clothes rails accordingly. Create creat ive storage space Once you've taken stock, it 's time to choose the r ight furniture. It 's impor tant to leave enough space so you can get dressed and undressed with ease. Items that collect dust, such as leather bags, are best stored behind wall cabinet fronts. When it comes to drawers, think about suitable inner dividing systems for keeping belts, ties, scar ves or jeweller y organised. Tip: Make a sketch with measurements and distances. Cur tains or a room divider can be used to separate the area of f from the rest of the room. Make space for style We've been dreaming of walk-in wardrobes since long before Sex and the City arrived on our screens. A dressing area is a timeless interior trend and the ultimate when it comes to storage space. It doesn' t have to be a full-on 'Carrie Bradshaw' New York-style dressing room. Unused recesses or sloped ceilings can also be conver ted into an out fit oasis. Bot tom line Make the best of your home. With a bit of smar t planning and a dividing system that 's r ight for you, you can turn unused space into practical storage. Take a look at the Blum solutions for wardrobes and storage space for inspiration.