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2 5 Blum Inspirations 1 4 7 2 5 8 3 6 9 Celebrate the new season. A small r itual which can be used to have a clear out and make space in your wardrobe. As well as adjusting your internal clock to the upcoming season. Set up zones. Ever yone has dif ferent aspects to their life. The contents of your wardrobe can be divided into zones for work wear, spor tswear, leisurewear, etc. This makes it easier to see what 's what and saves time. No more than two steps. Closed storage systems provide a visually clean look and are optimally planned when the contents can be removed and stored away again in just t wo steps. Sor t by category. Put items of the same t ype together in one place. You can break things down fur ther if your storage space permits. Hang don' t fold. Items that are dif ficult to fold belong on a clothes hanger. Sor t items by t ype (outer clothing, trousers, and so on) or colour to make it easier to choose what you want to wear. Use the rotation principle. If you use the folding method for under wear and socks, these can be taken out of the same side of the drawer each time, and freshly washed items can be added to the other side. Stand upright don' t stack. There are smar t folding instructions for most items of clothing so they can be stored in a drawer with the folded edge upwards, instead of stack ing them. This makes it easier to see what 's there and take it out with ease. Showcase your treasured items. Sor t your accessor ies by categor y – so you can find each piece at a glance. Handbags and shoes are st ylish items that can be put on display, and are a pleasure to look at as well as wear. First declutter. This reduces the amount you need to store and makes it easier to put things away in an organised manner. When it comes to clothes, it 's important to only keep items that currently fit you and that you like. This will make you feel good about yourself.