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3 Blum Inspirations Of ten it 's the lit tle things that make a house a home. Things that are unique to you, have a special place in your hear t and evoke memor ies, make you feel safe and sound, or remind you of loved ones, fr iends and family. It 's not really about the mater ial things. It 's cer tain values and emotions that shape our image of our home. In this issue, we ask Blum employees around the wor ld to tell us about where they feel at home. It 's all about values. At Blum we are driven by qualit y, trust and innovation, as well as sustainable action. For us, this is more than a trend; it 's a commitment. There are many ways to look at and actively approach sustainabilit y – at a company level or individually, and you can see some inspiring projects in this magazine that we have found for you. What ideas and tips can you think of for creating a sustainable home? Your Blum Inspirations Editor ial Team Ed itor ial