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51 Blum Inspirations Ever yone can get involved Architectural green buildings from Milan to Singapore or the ver tical gardens by architect Fernando Or tiz Monaster io along the urban motor ways in Mexico cit y are impressive, but anyone can create their ver y own green spot, in their garden, on their balcony or windowsill. Urban gardening benefits not only those who want small-scale self-suf ficiency, it also revives neglected or unused urban areas. As well as tak ing social media by storm, this trend can also be found in numerous Green cit ies Inspir ing examples from around the wor ld Indoor urban farm for salads and herbs in a former air-raid shelter London "Prinzessinnengär ten" – a mobile vegetable garden on 6,000 square metres of unused space Berl in 1,000 private and non-profit gardens on the site of a former factor y Detroit Tips for your own green space • Organic, open-pollinated seeds are best • Large container with drainage and hole in the ground • Peat-free soil that is also free from herbicides and pesticides • Star t with cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberr ies or herbs for quick results guides for gardening projects. Our tip: see our ar ticle on "urban farmers" for inspiration (pg. 77). •