Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

6 Blum Inspirations Smal l space wonders 10 Home is where the hear t is Blum employees share their exper iences 16 The future of urban living Passive house concept down under 22 Make space for st yle The trend for walk-in wardrobes 24 Tidy home, t idy mind Tidying tips from an exper t 26 Organised down to the ver y last detail Inner dividing system for drawers Food culture 34 The joy of baking Bread, glor ious bread from Austr ia 38 Happier, healthier eat ing A look at nutr itional trends 40 A sea of tranquillit y Combined k itchen and living rooms at the hear t of a home 46 The per fect wall? Closing of f large areas of the kitchen 50 Urban gardening Green oases in the cit y