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7 7 Blum Inspirations © Valery Rizzo, Urban Farmers, gestalten 2021 © Backen mit Christina. Nadja Hudovernik #bespokeintheburbs For over 30 years, Ramsin Khachi has developed a reputation for modern, custom inter ior projects with his interdisciplinar y team of inter ior designers, architectural technologists, craf tspeople and contractors. His YouTube channel is both humorous and informative. khachi.com Urban Farmers Green spaces, gardens on roofs and unused areas are spr inging up in the centre of metropolises all around the wor ld. "Urban Farmers" explores these diverse trends, from bee keeping and communal gardens to underground mushroom farms, and shows that a blend of greener y and concrete can create a greener and more sustainable urban lifest yle. Hardcover, 256 pages ISBN: 978 - 3 - 9 6704 - 0 0 6 -7 gestalten.com Das große Brotbackbuch (The big bread baking book) If you're a fan of mak ing your own bread, this book by Chr istina Bauer is for you. With step -by-step instructions and 120 recipes for ever y occasion. 350 pages ISBN: 978 - 3 -70 66 -2970 - 6 backenmitchrist ina. at