Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

87 Blum Inspirations energy requirements. We invest in more ef ficient processes and in the technical infrastructure. We minimise our use of land and soil by implementing intelligent building and warehousing concepts. Our core business activities are geared to manufactur ing high qualit y and sustainable products." Together we are strong To achieve our environmental and energy goals, it is impor tant that ever y Blum employee does their share – both at work and on their way to work. Thanks to the mobilit y scheme introduced in 2021, a considerable propor tion of employees in Vorar lberg are already using environmentally-fr iendly alternatives to their own car. Sustainabilit y in figures The following figures stand out in Blum's sustainabilit y concept: 32% of the deliver ies are sent by train from Vorar lberg to the wor ld, Blum draws 70% of its energy from non-fossil sources and the annual savings from heat recover y total 15,200 megawat t hours. "We have ambitious goals that we want to implement by 2030. We are steadily reducing our emission levels and dr iving the use of renewable energy. We are also mak ing our employees aware of environmental and energy issues and suppor ting projects for preser ving biodiversit y – at all of our sites. Even small steps take us closer to our goals and ever yone is doing their bit." • "It is of g reat impor tance and an incent ive to us to preser ve natural resources for f uture generat ions." An ex tract from Blum's environmental and energy policy Find out more