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19 Blum Inspirations On a wedge-shaped plot nestled bet ween the railway line and street sits Hüt t 01 with its str ik ingly modern black facade. The cer tified 'Passivhaus' is the work of the Bernstein family from the multiple-award-winning Melbourne Design Studios and combines clever spatial planning with the latest technology: from an eco- garden aquaponics system, CLT structure and passive house technology to a green roof and an (almost) self- contained electr ic system with photovoltaics and bat ter y storage system. Bet ter not bigger Architect and owner Marc Bernstein- Hussmann is full of enthusiasm for pioneer ing technological solutions. "We were ear ly adopters when it came to work ing with sustainable construction methods and technology. We are now one of the exper ts in this field. We believe that a low-energy house or passive house represents the future of construction." These concepts create a healthy home in several ways: natural mater ials provide a non-toxic environment, the ventilation system with heat recover y cleans the air, and modern tr iple- gla zed windows of fer ma ximum sound insulation. "We have created a cosy yet spacious home for the whole family in just a few square metres." Living well The way the minimalistic gourmet k itchen flows out into the herb and meditation garden lends the house, which is situated in the centre of the cit y, a special charm. Water from the fish pond supplies the ver tical herb bed on the boundar y wall made of recycled br icks. Indoors, the use of innovative nets opens up a var iet y of perspectives. "Af ter a long day at work, we like to rela x in one of our favour ite spots. In the k ids' rooms, the nets provide additional space to play or rela x." Qualit y down to the ver y last detail When it came to the inter ior design, the Bernstein family focused on qualit y and a timeless design. They used numerous Blum products to create the storage space solutions. In the bespoke k itchen, LEGRABOX, the elegant box system from Blum, provides space for utensils and food. "I love how organised the pull- outs are and the mater ial doesn' t give of f any toxic vapours. This makes LEGRABOX an ideal component in a healthy home." Spacious drawers under built-in benches "A relax ing home is the key to a balanced l i fe and our house is the per fect oasis in the midst of the urban jungle."